The Inspiring Work of Writer and Producer Petr Samoilov

It seems that Russia has done it again. That incredible fertile country continues to produce artist after artist, whether they are dancers, composers or writers. Some of the most beautiful music along with breathtaking dancers and profound classic literature has come from Russia to grace the rest of the world with a certain unique beauty and depth. Now, this great country has given us Petr Samoilov, the imaginative creator, writer and developer of interactive digital installations, films, TV shows and jaw-dropping spectacles for international events.

Petr worked on the original concept from day one as part of the creative team that developed the groundbreaking TV show We Really Need To Talk. The project was created, produced, and hosted by Yulia Akhmedova – one of the top five stand-up comedians in Russia and a trailblazer for women’s stand-up in the country. The unique concept combined a scripted reality talk show, stand-up, and a roast to make sure that women’s voices were heard in their relationship. Petr helped develop the episode structure, picked out the guests, and produced segments of the show. Petr appears in several episodes working with Yulia behind the scenes.

Petr didn’t just happen to fall into the entertainment business. He worked at getting into it. He went to school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Art History and Theory from Lomonosov Moscow State University. When he came to the United States, he attained another Master of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Writing at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

He produced content for Youtube channels, such as Slick Slime Sam — DIY, Comedy, Science for Kids and Booba. Petr coordinated all stages of production: developed the channels’ concept and content, oversaw editing and post-production and managed the filming process. Petr also has developed scripts for ads and branded content for clients such as Coca-Cola and Activision Blizzard.

He wrote the screenplay for the award-winning short film Best Fairy for Cinderella. The film was a selected to enter major international film festivals and has received high praise and critical acclaim along with many awards. Some of the festivals Best Fairy for Cinderella has been shown at are: SHORT to the Point, Avalonia Festival, Golden Nugget International Film Festival and Model N Movie International Short Film Festival. It made it to the award finals at the Short Film Factory Festival and advanced to the semi-finals at the Motion for Pictures festival. It received third prize at Microfest and Black and White Rainbow.

The film was also selected for other well-known festivals around the world: Anti-Hero Fest, NOX FILM FEST Salto International Horror and Fantasy Film Fest, MystiCon Independent Film Festival, CMS, INTERNATIONAL CHILREN’S FILM FESTIVAL (ICFF), Asians On Film Festival of Shorts, Harrogate Film Festival and Festival of Festivals in St. Petersburg. Petr is currently working as Creative Executive at Braven Films in New York City.