Willow Raye Release His New Debut Single Deja Vu

The debut single from Los Angeles native, Willow Raye is an inspiring and captivating track offering vocal clarity and original instrumentation. Showcasing her vocal talents, Willow Raye displays her range as she explores the concepts of soul mates, unspoken communication, and deep emotional connections in Déjà Vu. “Think I met you in a past life, can you read my mind?” Willow Raye projects her voice over the synth melodies and deep bass grooves while dialing into the key while harmonizing over it.

With the steady dance grind, the beats are well-executed while the bass and keyboard melodies are slightly syncopated to create movement, giving the listener a challenging, yet entertaining release. “You give me déjà vu,” the theme which is metaphorically revisited through the piece and is an exciting subject Willow Ray channels for a debut potential smash hit.

The production of Déjà Vu is well-executed as each frequency is blended smoothly allowing for separation of beat and harmony. The vocals are placed high enough in the mix to allow the beats to be kept in the foreground and not lost behind the vocals.

Déjà Vu would be an excellent addition to any pop/dance radio format as the infectious choruses and melodies are attractive to a diverse audience, and the make the replayability of the track quite appealing to the demanding radio environment. Déjà Vu would also be a tasty track in the club which the resonant bass is filling the listening spectrum, or in a personal player as the vocals penetrate the listening space. Déjà Vu is a tidy, professional and mature release which should propel Willow Raye into the spotlight and propel her career forward.

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