Make You Cry by The Shine

This video is artsy for a new comer to the indie rock scene. I mean who listens to rock anymore? Is it dead? When is the last time you attended a rock concert? Well not much pleases the masses but this band just may do that for you. They are something like a mix of all the best sounds of the early to late 90’s. Their chord progressions are simple but concise and effective. The drumming is wild but also simplistic. The bass lines are buzzing and warm but also simple, the lyrics are audible and easy to decipher. They have taken a minimalist approach to rock music and made something that may seem like pop music but also something that seems like it could turn edgy and near dangerous in a live setting. I couldn’t tell you what or who they sound like but they do sound like I’m going to give them another listen.

Written by Jennifer Gomez