I’ma Say What I Really Feel by Katiah One

The world of Rap music taps feet to the tunes of Katiah One. With his friend and collaborator producer DeeJay Element, Katiah worked on a collaborative project back in the summer of 2018. The duo released their first extended play record as a combined effort. The EP speaks of overcoming life’s hurdles, staying firm with one’s own resolve and standing tall in the face of adversity.

Hailing from Upper West side of New York City, Katiah made a strong impact in the music industry with his unusual rapping tunes and natural style. He has been eager to share his unique music with the world and is on a mission to change the commonly perceived notion of rapping around.

The collaborative EP’s first single, We Livin The Dream(Nightmare) was an instant hit and served as a change in the usual routine of rapping culture.

Katiah is more than ready to give the listeners a taste of what’s in store by dropping the singles. Available now on SoundCloud, the EP’s second single, “I’ma Say What I Really Feel” is about speaking up, letting go of the suppressed emotions and opening up without hesitation. With the overall mood of the song set in a strong upfront feel and a relentless flow with a knife sharp edge, the lyrics speak of the same as well by emphasizing on not holding back and taking it all out from the bottled closets.

The beats and tunes play an important role in supporting the aesthetics of the song. The listener feels a powerful energy of freedom as the lyrics continues. Katiah has given it a real feel with his raw voice. Having struggled with depression, heartbreak and other adversities, the EP speaks of carrying on with life despite all hurdles and Katiah’s strong emotions could be felt through his tunes depicting the close emotional association. It’s specifically for people to keep moving on, to never give up and keep fighting back for the good of your own self and your loved ones. The song stresses upon putting up a good fight no matter what. Available now for people to listen and enjoy, the song talks about opening up regarding those things that usually people hide. It also encourages to openly speak the heart out and boast the matters other label as unusual and hide.

Katiah has shown a consistent flow that shows his great skill due to firm breath control and a transitional flow. With having his inspiration in R&B and Rock, Katiah sets an unusual rap environment in his song by giving it a subtle feel of rebelling against the usual norms.

I’ma tell em all I am rich

I’ma tell em all you ain’t shit bro

I’ma say what I really feel right

I’ma tell em all how to deal bro

Link to Single:

The  trill-wave based music Katiah makes moves smoothly in a linear direction and improves with each beat as his raw, uncut vocals adds to the feel of it.

The gist of the single is enclosed in the message of letting go, staring back life in the times of turbulence with great resolve and taking no more crap from anyone.

It’s a great strong for your playlist if you want to hear something original and unusual from the rap charts.