Eminent Electronic Music Artist and Guitarist Ugazin releases his power-packed music single “Customer Journey Map”

The talented music producer and artist, Ugazin Takuma has announced the release of his latest single “Customer Journey Map” via major online music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes. The song is based on an up-tempo electronic music genre to be released on April 06, 2019.

“Customer Journey Map” is a hip track based on a wide range of inspiration from the customer journey map used in the marketing industry. The instrumental club music of this track keeps up with Ugazin’ s trademark style in music that has won accolades from music lovers from across the world.

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan the musician Ugazin is a multifaceted maverick in the world of electronic music. He was the lead guitarist and songwriter of a popular pop band Dev Parade that debuted in 2000. Having composed the theme song “Bacchikoi” of the popular anime “Naruto”, Ugazin has won huge acclaim and fanbase in Japan. Ever since the Dev Parade broke up, Ugazin began to ponder on this idea for a new song. Soon after his initial success, he started releasing his solo songs that were received with a warm reception by electric music enthusiasts. Being a multitalented artist Ugazin is also in charge of marketing at an IT company and has been on stage at numerous conferences. His journey as a marketing head has also been an ultimate inspiration for his latest release.

Reminiscing his idea behind “Customer Journey Map” Ugazin mentioned, “Similar to how in marketing, the story that a customer recognizes, is interested in, buys, and manages a product changes colors rapidly depending on the stage. I felt that it was like the dubstep that I would listen to, and I wanted to create a song that expressed that image.” He continues “I wanted to use EDM, so I kept it out of place, but it is the sound of Guitar. After all, I’m a guitarist, so I wanted to put in the sound of the guitar even with a secret taste, and I feel it could blend in with the EDM sound naturally.“

As an independent artist, Ugazin has been working on a variety of projects, showcasing his extensive skills in the entertainment industry as an excellent overall performer. He has built a genre on his own as an artist who makes club music using an electric guitar. Throughout his musical career, the multi-talented musician is known for distinguishably catchy music, charisma, and energy and his work on the anime Naruto, SUMMER SONIC 2008 appearance and so on. His recent Instrumental mini-albums “2.1Pathetic” and “3.1 Metallic” released in 2018 explore his struggles and successes as an artist and life in general.

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