Young and talented Rapper Katiah One drops another hot single “Tail Spin”

Raised on the Upper West Side of New York City Katiah One is a talented artist with love and passion for music.  Katiah is on a mission of changing the common perception of the average rapper. He draws inspiration from many genres including R&B and Rock. His favorite artists include Freddy Mercury, Sam Cooke and Issac Brock. Katiah’s goal with his music is to be a positive influence on the world and make people smile.

He has recently released the first single “Tail Spin” from his upcoming EP. We got an opportunity of listening to the track. We find “Tail Spin” extremely good and the Katiah One has perfectly utilized his talent. The music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well in this track.

Once we go through the single we can get a clear glimpse of the level of entertainment we will be having in his upcoming EP “A Whole Lotta Water Works”. It will be Katiah’s biggest project to date, as it’s his first full-length EP. Like the newly released single, the album will surely make you Rock & Roll

Coming back to the track itself “Tail Spin”  singer has done pure honesty with lyrics.  Dynamic and powerful voice with  melodious and engaging tone feelings soothing to the ears.  As far video is concerned,

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