An Exclusive Interview With Rising Hip Hip Artist, Inno Combs

If you could perform with Anyone in the future who would it be ? 

Can we bring Micheal Jackson back to life? (laughs)! I’m a performer at heart. I want to put on a unforgettable experience! I would say Chris Brown would be my Top Pick. I would want to dance and rap.

 Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Absolutely I do. Then I mentally convince myself everyone is here for me and they already love me I can just be myself. I think of all the reasons why I do it and how far I’ve come to get where I am and life is short. At that point I’m ready to lay it all on the line for the better good of the show.

What advice would you give beginners who are nervous?

I’ll tell them the show must go on. If this is what you asked for, become who you want to be right at that moment and live that person forever.

 How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job ?

Im a strong willed person I always push myself to the unlimited. I can’t say it’s Easy or I’m the most organized person but I make a strong effort to find a way to get what I need to get done. Even when I feel like it or not. I believe that helps most.


 How often and for how long do you practice?

I actually do not practice I just live it and feel it everyday. I’m real. My music is real. My stage presence is real. And people can feel that. Yes practice is always best, but for me it’s everywhere everyday even on a vacation; if I get one, (laughs), I’m on the beach freestyling with my cell phone to strangers building new fans. That’s my practice for now.

 Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Plenty to name a few Micheal Jackson , Jay-Z , Ludacris , Drake , Kanye West , P. Diddy, and Fabolous are the ultimate top musical artists. I pay most attention to the sound, word play delivery, and charisma they all have. I also enjoy how authentic they are. Kanye Went and Jay-Z’s music truly helped me feel confident in just being myself.

 Do you attended sessions ? What makes a great session?

Yes I love to attend sessions when I can. A great session to me is when everyone is in sync that’s in the room. I’m talking the producer, the artist, the entourage, and engineer. Nothing bores me more then someone just sitting around or falling asleep. I’ve seen it a lot. I think those type of people kill the vibe and should stay home.

Do you perform in public ? Describe those occasions ? Concerts, Radio, Tv. 

Yes Yes Yes and more Yes! I’ve performed all over! From House of blues stages, to festivals and night clubs in The U.K and Spain. Also Texas for SXSW Spring Break! I love every moment of it. I live for it. The hardest part is the travel time zone shifts and the anxiety of wondering will everything go smooth since I don’t have my full team in place yet. Like personal video guy or personal Dj. I worry about my footage and the Dj connecting with me. Radio is wonderful. I’ve been on plenty. and TV, I’ve been in commercials and more. It’s all up my alley.  It’s what I’ve always prayed for. When it’s happening I’m at my happiness moment in life.

 What’s your motto or the advice you live by ?

I always tell everyone I got kids when I really don’t. But I work and hustle like I’ve got a family to feed so when I do they are fed. I see the struggle. I live it and I play a role in the lives of my friends and family so technically..Yea! I got kids and put the trust in God.

 For readers who never Heard your music explain your sound in 5 words?

Go, Listen, To, Me, Now! (laughs)… Honestly. The five words that best describe my sound are: Energetic, Versatile, unpredictable, catchy , and fresh. Many people say listening to my songs sounds like they all should be on radio and a breath of fresh air.

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