Justice’s debut album “My Life”-Impressive

Recently came across interview of an upcoming music artist “Justice”. I was impressed by the interview and got curious about his recently released EP “My Life”. So instantly purchased the EP to checkout the tracks and standard of the artist’s skills and talent.

After purchasing and downloading the songs,  listened to the album twice. I would say it’s really impressive. Rating it outstanding keeping in view that it’s his first EP. His storytelling and  poetic Rap style is what makes the album inspiring. Justice knows how to take you on a voyage through music even until the bitter end. And that’s guarantee  you will not get bored throughout the album.

Recommended Tracks:

All 5 songs are good and will make you listen to them atleast twice. But ‘No Other Way’ and ‘Take me away’ are the songs I am really impressed with. Particularly lyrics of “No other Way” are really touchy and well written. And music of both these tracks are worth listening. He expressed his message through his simple but melodious way and that’s what impressed me a lot.

So I would recommend you to listen to this EP from Justice and you will surely become his fan. You can buy “My Life” on iTunes.

You can also listen to free songs of Justice on soundcloud