The Best Sound Bars with a Subwoofer on the Market


Sound bars have become very popular in recent years thanks to their easy setup, relatively low cost, convenient, and the fact that they fit well in the household interior. They plug easily into the television and blend in the living room while being a cheaper alternative to classical speakers. Sound bars provide for an improved quality of television sound while being also handy for playing music and connecting to the Bluetooth. More advanced sound bars have a subwoofer built-in as well.

The subwoofer is basically a loudspeaker which transmits bass frequency sound, ranging between 20 Hz – 250 Hz.  At audio signals below 100 Hz, human hearing is not able to detect the direction from which the sound propagates. Therefore, there is no need for multiple woofers in the loudspeaker system as their number does not significantly change the quality of the audio string. Multiple woofers are then replaced by a single subwoofer to save space and cost of one speaker.

For stereo listening, relatively small sound bars are deliberately made to transmit a signal with a frequency above 100Hz. The lower frequency signals are merged from both channels and fed to the subwoofer. The subwoofer is usually large in volume and is equipped with one or more speakers.

While sound bars continue to evolve, the question where to find the best sound bars with a built in sub-woofer remains. Yamaha, Samsung and Klipsch are the leading producers of quality sound bars. Here is the specification of their some of their signature products on the market:


Yamaha YAS-207

This Japanese brand is a guarantee of quality. Under the auspices of this world-famous manufacturer, audio technology has always been at least as high for years, but exceptional products are always promoted with innovative pioneering technologies and ideas.

With its height of only 60 mm, it will not obstruct the view if it is located just below the television. But it can also be mounted anywhere on the wall, in both cases, the interior only attracts the attractiveness.  Its powerful wireless subwoofer with practical design can be placed anywhere in the house.

Yamaha YAS-207 boasts of a user-friendly system that is easy to set up, excellent connectivity as well as wireless Bluetooth technology for music streaming.



Samsung HW-Q70R

This model is a real treat for the ear: it will show you the way to a perfectly balanced and deep audio experience. This high-performance sound bar delivers the best soundtrack to the discerning user. It is equipped with speakers with both upper and side sound emission, which delivers beautiful surround sound. By optimizing the playback sound, audio is perfectly audible at low volumes. Soundbar supports Dolby Atmos, 4K pass-through and is wireless.

Thanks to a number of modern technologies it will provide you with true audio quality and easy and comfortable operation. It is the perfect companion not only for watching movies or listening to music but also for playing games. The Samsung sound bar can upscale audio up to 32-bit quality. Any music ensemble gets a more dynamic character.


Klipsch BAR 48

Klipsch is an American speaker manufacturer with a long history of quality sound bar production. Click here to learn more about this company. The Klipsch BAR 48 + wireless subwoofer is equipped with a center channel speaker for better voice clarity, as well as surround sound that takes movie and television viewing to the next level.

Easy to connect and set up, BAR 48 is designed for a quick connection to your TV. BAR 48 is made of high-quality wood materials and is designed to fit easily under the TV. It works great with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers, allowing you to play music directly from your devices. Wireless remote control with source selection and subwoofer settings included.