Los Angeles-Based Seasoned Performer Levi Zadoff and Ottawa Newcomer Dead Hendrix Blend Their Musical Tastes in the Epic “Dead Summer” EP.

When the pandemic hit and the world stood still, we were all caught up in a not-so-familiar territory of hopelessness where we did not know what to do next! And while it is a period we look back with not-so-fond memories, perhaps we can tolerate a bit of a musical trip down memory lane, and that is why LA-based acclaimed Soundcloud musical star Levi Zadoff and up-and-coming Canadian prodigy Dead Hendrix deemed it fit to get into the studio and come up with a 5-piece masterpiece that recalls the death of summer- literally and metaphorically!

Eclectic musicians who blend different sounds simultaneously and not caring what rules go where “Dead Summer” is the embodiment of eclecticism and prolific musicianship. The gist of the track “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better” rests in its infectious and affecting hooks. With a scintillating blend of drum-focused rock and the edge of rap, supplemented by the self-assured vocals that exude a satirical vibe, this is one of those tunes that will remain in your head outside of this entire EP.

“Alone” is another authentic smash tune that amalgamates punk rock with a rap attitude. Operating between moments of laid-back melodicism and energetic drops with that howling presence, this tune sees each lyricist express their loneliness from a contrasting point of view!

“Can’t Be God” is soulfully raw, emotional, and immersive, with the duo resigning themselves to the fact that they can’t control everything. “Love Game” is a high-spirited punk rock masterpiece with hints of hard rock and a vicious punk attitude. By the end of your listening experience, some of that energy will be injected into you naturally- taking you to the floor as your body conforms to new ways of moving. At its core, this track has a deep theme about being caught up in your thoughts and fighting demons that you can’t see or control!

There is a lot for a listener to indulge in from this entire collection that has received unanimous acclaim and record-setting success for both of these artists!

To stream “Dead Summer” in its entirety, follow the link and let this experience be like a religious one—just let loose and live through it!

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