Latest Interview With Mandy Dirty Trick Band

You have a lot going on. What do you tell people when they ask what you do in music?

Yes, there’s a lot!! I’m a vocalist/ performer, currently working on building a Cheap Trick Hits Only show. This new tribute is keeping me on my toes. I strive to put on an entertaining and amazing show! I often say my job is to make people forget about their problems and anxieties for a couple of hours.

Now what about your music background and influences?

I love singing Rock and Roll… I started my journey singing in garage bands so that comes out naturally. I love the high energy and movement of Rock music. At home, often I’m listening to Pop and radio friendly songs. But most recently, because of my bands, I’ve been digging a lot of Cheap Trick and Santana’s catalogs and I’m amazed with the quality of their work!

Who or what truly inspires you?

My mother and all the great singers out there…I mean all of them. Sometimes I get inspired and pumped by simply watching some amazing creative anonymous people singing on the internet!

Looking ahead, what are you excited about for this year?

Taking off with the Dirty Trick project – A Cheap Trick Tribute Band I’m a part of. I’ve got lots of gigs and some festivals ahead this summer, so really looking forward to it!

When did you first start singing?

Singing came late in my life. I was already in Law School when started taking vocal lessons and joined a band. Eventually I just quit a law firm and joined a cruise ship…never looked back.

You’re playing with some serious musicians. What it like working with them?

You’re right! I always want to work with folks that are more talented than me so that it pushes me to grow. This is no different right now. I always learn from their perspectives and they’re also so much fun to perform and hang with!

Can you give us a rundown of your gear?

Got In Ear Monitors by Shure (PSM900) and a bunch of mics for different purposes. My favorites are the wireless Sennheiser 835, and the vintage looking Shure Super55

When you’re not singing, what are some things you do?

But I’m always singing! haha Nah… I also love reading news and articles, learn about styling and colorimetry, practice Jiu-jitsu, love Snowboarding

What’s something about you that surprises people?

I know it shouldn’t be a shock or surprise, but I’ve heard from some people that they didn’t expect to hear a 5 feet little girl to be belting out and growling furiously on stage lol.

How would your friends describe you?

You’ll have to ask my friends! Probably they’ll say I take forever to reply to their messages, but they know they can count on me for anything. Loyal, determined, distracted and free spirited. Thanks Richard