It Time To Know More About A great singer, actor Patrick Stalinski

A great singer, actor Patrick Stalinski! Tell us a bit about you ?

I am a classically trained Opera tenor, I have been singing since Junior High age 14 years. At age 25 I was invited to sing in the chorus for Michigan Opera Theater in Residence touring program.  I discovered that my passion was singing, and I am a pretty good actor also.  I moved to Hollywood and decided to try my hand at pursuing my career in the big leagues. It can be challenging but I am up to any challenge I come up against.

 What inspires you?

People inspire me, especially as I see the different aspects of life, the Happiness, Sadness, Love, and Pain, I just want to wrap my arms around them and give them comfort and encouragement. I love to look into the eyes of everyone and see their Souls and Hearts. If I can touch just one heart singing every day, I believe that is my goal. To touch at least one heart every day.

You are a classically trained musician, what is the success key to be a good musician but also performer?

The key to be successful at anything is the study and practice daily.

I usually get up 7:00 every morning and start with warming up for about an hour. I then start rehearsing songs starting with something easy and slowly progress into more difficult pieces. Then usually I will return to easier less intense pieces to finish off my rehearsing.

 You have many fans that love you and follow you online, how’s that makes you feel?

I am so deeply honored to have a rapidly growing group of fans I have almost 3 million dedicated fans and listeners around the world and I have so many Fans requesting me to perform live in cities around the world. In the past I was reluctant to travel much because of obligations at home. But I can now see a demand for me performing more in other parts of the world.

 What is the best thing you have ever heard from a fan?

I believe the best thing I ever heard from a fan is how I saved their life as they listened to me sing on a radio station, or how a fan told me they really never heard the words of songs until they heard me singing them.

I get very emotional when I hear people compliment me and I always say “Thank You God for giving me the desire to keep moving forward with my career.

Why you decided to become a musician/artist in General?

I’ve always felt Our Lord called me to be a Musician, to inspire people thru my singing and to touch hearts. I am very religious, and I lead a very prayerful life. I believe in Loving, Honoring, and Respecting everyone unconditionally as Our Lord taught us. I believe in being grateful and having gratitude for everything that comes my way. Good and Bad things have something to teach us. So that is the reason I became a musician, it is My calling.

 Where can we find more about you? your work?

I have connections on social media, and fan websites the links will be listed below.

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Instagram:  @PatrickStalinskiTenor

  1. Do you have any future plans?

Yes Of course I always have something in development and I always have directors contacting me to audition for Tv, Movie, and Theater Projects. As I get more popular, I find I must get more selective on proposed projects I get involved with. I am currently working on several different projects, both singing and acting, separately and together. 

  Would you like to share them with us?

I just completed my music video, for “All the Way”.  It is the first release of many new music videos to come. I also just completed working on an Award winning movie short titled “Fates Shadow” which has just been accepted into many festivals as we start our festival circuit run.

Also my new production company Aurora Music and Entertainment LLC. Will now be in charge development of all new projects and is my booking agent

The world Famous Del Casher is my Producer and consultant for many of my music projects. And I have been recording at his studio in Burbank California for most of my new song tracks.

I just completed 2 concerts in Norway in the summer of 2018 and

I am in the development stages of a North American Concert Series, Plus I am planning concerts for Mexico, Italy, Poland, Germany and Russia. I would also like to search out Asian markets, like China and Japan.

  1. What advice would you give to a young talented artists?

Well the first advice is learning, to Sing or Acting is a continual process, you are a ever evolving person so there will always be adjustments and relearning your craft. Never ever believe you are the best, but always strive to be better.  Always keep positive or doubt your ability for be all you can be at any given time. Also Practice, Practice, and More Practice and it is very important to collaborate and network with other artist and honor your Family, Friends and Fans.

  1. Would you like to share with us your life motto?

My Motto is the first words you see on my website

“Be in The Light, Stay In The Light” Give “Love, Honor, and Respect” is another motto

Be Grateful with Gratitude for everything in your life, good and bad things. There are lessons to be learned and celebrations for your victories. But stay humble and keep pushing forward because God is with you in all things.