An Interview With Talented Singer Bino Boss Bricks

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

A- I just go with the flow, my sound is unique I can’t prepare for every moment just be me.

Q-Do you get nervous before a performance or competition ?

A-No I’m very confident, I allow God to lead my every step.

Q-Do you perform in public, if so what are those events like ?

A-Yes, I perform and compete. I recently won a competition through a company called Coast to Coast. But every performance is lit! I’m a party

Q-Do you have any events or Recordings going on ?

A- Yes actually I have quite a few events coming up which can be found on but my most recent event is coming up 6/15/18 in Myrtle beach.

Q-What is your favorite song you like to perform ?

A-Popping Tags

Q-When and Why did you start performing?

A- last year May 2017, I started performing because I was asked and it just came naturally so I kept it going

Q-If you could perform with anyone in the future who would it be ?

A-Anyone I like to make money, I mess with everybody. But if I could choose Lil Boosie Bad Azz thats my nigga.