Black Is King–The Latest Project From Steadicam Operator Eric Catelan

We could talk about the interesting work being done by camera operators all day long and still have plenty of things to say. To try to explore this topic and the many facets of the work that’s involved, we will highlight the career of one leading professional working in the film and commercial production industry named Eric Catelan, who is recognized as being among great Steadicam and camera operators in the business.

Although Eric Catelan has shot over eighty films throughout his career, one of his more recent projects was the musical film and visual album Black is King, which was directed, written and executive produced by Beyoncé, one of America’s greatest musical treasures.  Black is King is the story of an exiled African Prince and his journey of self-discovery. As he matures, the prince is guided forward by an ancestor (Beyoncé) along with his childhood sweetheart and his own conscience. He eventually reclaims the thrown of his family as the film proudly celebrates African heritage and culture. Eric Catelan was the Steadicam operator on this beautiful movie and his shots are all seamless and fluid as they advance the music-filled narrative. Black is King was shot over a period of a year and on three continents.

Eric Catelan was also the Steadicam operator on the film Keyhole Garden, which stars Zoe Saldana. The film is currently in post-production and is due for release later this year. It’s about the immigration strife on the southern border of the United States and how people’s lives are affected by it.

Another noteworthy project that is currently in post production that Catelan recently worked on is The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, starring Nicholas Cage. The film explores the life of the character played by Nicholas Cage, who is a celebrity being paid by an immensely rich fan to come to his birthday party. Cage’s character is also a CIA informant because the fan turns out to be a drug kingpin. There are many more twists and turns and ups and downs in this action comedy but we’re not giving away any spoilers here. We will tell you, however, that all action movies have a lot of “action” in them and that’s where the vital role of a Steadicam Operator such as Eric Catelan come into play. Eric is an experienced operator, having worked in his specialized field for over 25 years. His longstanding experience and expertise allow him to easily keep up with the action and any kind of movement, thereby allowing shot to be captured as smoothly as possible. He operates the Steadicam as if it were his third arm and he does it with the ease of a consummate professional. 

Working closely with directors, cinematographers, actors, and the lighting and technical staff on each production, Eric Catelan sets up and performs the required shots of any film, commercial, or video production. Performing one of the most physically demanding jobs on any film set, Catelan helps to choreograph and frame the shots that audiences see onscreen. With in-depth expertise in a wide variety of technical equipment and an acute ability to find and utilize the appropriate camera lenses, Steadicam and camera operators like Catelan help to captures the drama that we all see and experience when watching any given film, commercial, or music video.