Big Bus Dream Talk About Giant In My Mind Mike Shannon Exclusive Interview

Founder of 4th Ward in 2000 and Big Bus Dream in 2006, Shannon is a product of CBGB’s post-punk scene. 4th Ward’s self-titled release debuted at #20 on CMJ’s Top 200 National Charts. Big Bus Dream’s debut album (2006) and The Jesters of Xmas Town (2008) topped several European music charts, and were featured in MTV’s Pimp My Ride.

Shannon’s solo album, My Dream My Fantasy, encompasses 18 years of music – from 4th Ward and Big Bus Dream – selected never released, reworked, and remastered tracks. Hailed as “one of the top 3 albums of the year” by Celebrity Cafe

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans: Making new music is exciting. Music is magical. Marketing music is not magical.

Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Ans : This varies but some songs do come rather quickly. Giant in My Mind began as a somewhat different theme but changed quickly and was written quickly. On the other hand, it is a lifetime of experience…so there is that – not so quick

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans: It’s better to try to ride the Big Bus. Now who would argue with this?

Q: At what age did you start singing?

ANS: 10 years old

Q:Do you have any events coming up or recording going on right now?

Ans: Right now, promoting Giant in My Mind. I am just beginning to look at some new music. We will see where that goes.

Mike Shannon

Q: If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

Ans : Giant in My Mind. It is a musical journey of self-reflection.

Q:When and why did you start playing?

ANS: I think 8 or 9 years old.

Q:  Which instruments do you play?

Ans: vocal, guitar, keys and percussion

Q:  Describe your first instrument. Other instruments.

Ans: Actually, a horn, a mellophone. It did not go well. After that drums. This went much better.

Q:  Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Ans: I was influenced by just about every record I ever heard and every song on the radio. I seriously mean this – every genre of music, new music and incredibly old music. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this occurs as much today with younger artists or listeners in general.

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