How to Attract Followers On Spotify

Considering its status as one of the best-loved music streaming platforms in existence, Spotify is ideal for acts and artists hoping to gain playlist followers and promote their own works. However, the process of doing so is not always simple. The following paragraphs offer some useful methods of attracting new fans and followers on this highly-utilized service.

It is indisputable that Spotify is extremely popular with those who like to stream music, and it has tremendous potential for artists wishing to promote their work. The question is how best to bring new folks into the fold to hear the playlists you have made. Great tips include:

Consider advertising your projects among your own network, as this is fast and simple to do. Get in touch with local restaurants, bars and venues and see if they would be willing to use your playlist.

Another great idea is to make direct contact with the artists who appear in your playlist. This can be done by via Twitter. Just attach a link and go from there. It’s a great tip for better organic SoundCloud promotion to get your site noticed

It is also advisable to make inroads with influential music industry bloggers. Developing a playlist in conjunction with these folks is a great way to get them to post your own works on their sites and social media accounts. This can really grow your world of fans significantly.

Think about sharing codes with Spotify so that family, friends and other interested parties can simply scan your code and immediately start hearing your music. This code can also be used on posters, flyers and other forms of communication to increase your listener base.

The Spotify playlist exchange can prove extremely useful. It allows you to post information about your playlist along with a short description of its genre and your reasons for developing it.

Reddit can be a helpful place to post a playlist as well, as can multiple sub-Reddits. Given how large this online platform is, it is likely that you will attract some new fans by doing this.

Focus on originality when developing new playlists and think about making innovative combinations of songs. Avoid catering to mainstream tastes, but seek to incorporate an interesting theme. Always follow others’ playlists and look everywhere for inspiration.