An Interview With Multi talented Godfada

Q: So The Godfada thank you for doing this interview, alot is going on with you but first tell us about yourself?

A: Well first of all thank you for this interview and it means alot to me. I am The Godfada Hiphop artist from columbus ga signed to mousiki ent been rapping for about 5 years. I do it for the love of music I love colabing and working with artist from all around the world.

Q: Thats amazing so for all your fans we hear you are finally dropping a album out tell us about that?

A: hahaha well I am dropping an album called finally awoke on may 15th this album is made for everyone. Its purpose is to let you know im awake i was super depressed I gave up but i fought the failure now i am awoke to everything around me.

Q: Thats amazing who are on your album?

A: Well my artist Cubes and couple other people I cant tell you lol.

Q: What has been your drive recently to continue to push harder ?

A: Its been everyone around me all the support and love I have been given just motivates me to do more.

Q: Thats great so May 15th album drops and we are ready are you ready to drop it?

A: Im to ready to drop this all my folks im coming after you!!!