First, where the artistic name PJ Mush came from?

PJ Mush (Plush Mush) was because of someone special helped me making names, it started as a joke but I went with it.

2. Tell us a little bit of your story.

My story, is weird, to be honest I barely remember my life before the military, all I got in mind right now is the story that I’m about to make from here and on.

3. Who are your biggest influence in music?

Definitely Celldweller and Blue Stahli

4. What can people expect from your new upcoming album?

Just expect something as random as possible, experimenting with lots of variety and open as possible!

5. How is the ‘electronic’ scene in Puerto Rico?

It’s not as common as I’d like it to be, but definitely would love to kick it up a notch

6. What is the key to gro so fast as you right now?

A lot of perseverance and motivation
Where people can listen to your music?

Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music

8. Final Words to your fans and upcoming new ones

Just give me a chance to show how much we can do if we really show a lot of determination!