An Exclusive Interview With Talented Maitika

Interviewer: So lets start off i gotta ask, how the h*ll do you pronounce your name? There’s a lot of people asking about it, * sudden bursts of laughter * Lol.

Maitika: bro its ” MAY – TEA – KAH ” a lot of people get it the first try to be honest, don’t know what that’s about. * Rolling His Favorite Back wood Russian Cream Laughing just enjoying the moment* Lol.

 Interviewer: So how did you come up with leave me? Which is a masterpiece if i do say so myself. Over 18,000 streams in less then 24 hours? That must be big for you.

Maitika : Thank you i appreciate that, and yeah its cool I’m just humble about it or try to be. Its all my supporters and fans its not just me you know?

Interviewer : Lol of Course, is it about a girl?

Maitika : We’ll yeah, You can clearly hear that lol, one of my first loves actually as well as other life experiences.

 Interviewer: Has she heard it? Rough childhood i assume?

Maitika : No i doubt it, shes has a whole other life now. I still hear her voice though, Lol.
Don’t wanna say rough, Rocky yes had its ups and downs, didn’t get rough for me until around my teens.

Interviewer: Oh ok, i see, What’s next for you? People really feeling you and now since you sank your foot in you have to keep up with that demand, does that type of pressure bother you?

Maitika: Not at all, no pressure at all. I don’t let stuff like that get to me, i got enough problems as it is to deal with.  As far as keeping up with demand that’s funny you say that cause my boy Tonyah actually one of my producers that’s gonna be on my project tells me that all the time, but i ain’t worried i got music ready to drop right now loll I’ma always have something to feed my supporters.

My working on a project right now I’m have released in the next couple months, haven’t decided a date yet.

Interviewer : That’s good man, you seem like a smart individual with your head on your shoulders,  do you have any influences you look up to for guidance or advice?

Maitika : Yeah, i have a couple people if not my dad, he’s mainly the go to guy though.

Interviewer: What are some artists that you would love to work with?

Maitika : Im trying to work with YFN Lucci,  The Weekend, Crystal Waters, Moloko, Trippie Redd, a lot of older artists mainly though, deff Lana Del Rey. I got a few bands I wanna work with also.

 Interviewer : I can see all that happening for you, your on your way?

So question of 2018, is Maitika single lol?

Maitika : Loll yes man, people don’t believe me. I’m accepting applications though so all the beautiful women hit my DMs loll.

 Interviewer : Loll i believe it, Source from the grape vine says you might have a big feature in the works happening right now?

Maitika : Yes but we cant talk about that right now, My manager told me all hip though keep it a secret for now.

Interviewer : I wish you nothing but the best success Maitika, you better prepare yourself now, looking forward for the next single!