An Exclusive Interview With Talented Andrew V, a.k.a. Mega Doll

hey! here Andrew V, a.k.a. Mega Doll, this was a though weekend and needed to speak so here we are in this interview about mental health, magic, being young and me making music as a breakcore experimental artist, playing at venuew like a DJ and implying beethoven is a nice stencil to make graffitis around town, the main goal is to make a sound graffiti

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans: when i was 20 or 19 i still felt the world as if i was 13, i was really weak at too many ciomplicated things, my family decided they will help me struggle with things, my song making process was making me angry at them and at everyone, it was not working at all, i tried hard to listen to my own songs but there was always a bastard in between making noises, spontaneously connecting as if i was a phone call, but im not a phone i am teddy bear with a microphone, i was in front of the doctor being diagnosed with a very difficult type of depression and a very difficult type of euphoria, a difficult type of bipolarity and gave meds, i’m now 79 years old, this was long time ago, i felt that days will start to go to easily and quick so i started searching through the phone book and everywhere if there was a yoga studio in my town, i seearch yoga academy, yoga school, yoga studio, all the possible ways to find someone with the doors open to do yoga. I told my housekeeper i needed to help my body to assimilate the meds, that i wanted to stay strong and make it easy for the meds to work trough while staying healthy, i said i felt my body required a little effort for the meds to work properly and not get me tired easily. i grow with the housekeepers as butlers, they were strict and soft like most parents with a complicated exception, they were thougher than i am, haha, i had to always remember they weren’t going to offer a coffee the easy way, i would be as easy as to say bro can you please serve me some coffee to make this run that way, but then, i will find no magic you know? they both agreed that if i was reposnsible wth the meds i will have the right to visit the yoga studio once a day every week for an indfenite time, while the meds will staty indefinite too, like it was a win regardless if i understood what the meds where for or not, my butlers accepted and they pleased me to be prudent and stop the agressivity because in a yoga studio one tend to see different realities that can impact other people the hard way. well i got to meet my mother and we talk very little, but we will every day do together every morning in some place of the city…

it was time to start making music

Q: How do you shut things out?

Ans: son of two beautiful women, unique boy in the family, it’s hard to close cycles, i spoke to my mom and my other mom very little, but they listened to my music, and showed me the entire world opening my eyes, few words, tons of pictures, they are Laura and Marie. Laura was beautiful she took me by the hand and showed me beautiful malls, we will always go to the mall to see movies, she took me to toy story when i was 4 years old and now im 79 years old, time passes really fast, it is always difficult to shut my mind, to shut my mouth, to shut my ears… one day i sent Laura an album of the mega doll songs played in electric bass, she loved it, i also sent her some flowers, i wnted to show her i was closing a cycle.

Laura passed away last thursday 18 march at night we were in bed watching movies, she kissed me deeply and went to sleep, when i was dreaming i saw myself swiming towards her under the ocean to see her resting on a rocks bed under the water, i left a rose in her hand kissed her hand and went back to the surface, i woke up to notice she was dead next to me, was a long friday, making phone calls, calling all the family, her friends, coordinating the event and food to offer some drinks like wow, was a long and tiring day. I called my other mom Marie on saturday and we talk very long about me, she was super proud of me and said many things, she said she was 96 and Laura 93 and the her musical skills, she is one of the most natural and agile clarinetists of human history, she said very modestly that her clarinet was gold made but that it was broke and that she will be playing but will need to fix that and buy a new. I was repairing the greenhouse in the farm, making some changes and things and yesterday 21 march i received a call from my sister, she said bro, mom passed away, come home, i was like at a 100 meters distance or so, but i knew i felt her pain, when leaving, so i remembered i had this interview pending and started talking about myself openly, it’s hard to close cycles but it’s harder to mention them, so i rather sometimes remember what they are, they faces and go ahead and keep winning battles in the name of them.

Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Ans : it’s a delicate process, songs come super fast daily and i had to be careful not to break the glass that shines when i point the microphone at the speaker, because that’s an effect i invented, i point the microphone at their mirror and they sound, once that happens i place another mirror somewhere inside a forest or a place and then i create rays of light, i put another microphone to follow the entire current and that0’s what i record, pure mirror reflections, nothing to to do with speakers inside the studio, only mics recording, in other words its like i record tons of silences together and make them shine, it’s easy but it’s time consuming i could spent days in one song


Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans: adapt and assimilate: food, adapt and assimilate: sex, adapt and assimilate: sleep, and adapt and assimilate: revenge, when adapted and when assimilated one will have no excuse to not paint music inside a speaker with the instruments as graffitis, no excuse to not draw graffitis on the speakers, no excuse to not be a sound vandal, no excuse to not be a little breakcore and dance jungle at it

Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car?

ANs: camille cinamon honey spells heal by Roger Waters (one of the pink floyd dudes)

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words?

Ans: Drum’n Bass, Chamber Music, Romance and Kung-Fu

Q:What is your favorite song to sing live?

Ans: it depends on the mood, all the mega doll songs are so explosive that i could blast them for days, it depends on how i’m feeling it is a personal approach like when im into party mood its very possible that you will hear songs from “pink myths pink pillows”, “astronaughty nurse doll spyro”, “Cuddly bubble bro gravity”, “ultra doll moon spell” and many similar albums, but there are also albums like “shadows in the faces that dwell in the forests” which are not so party mood, they are more like introspective although i dance to it, is a different style of dancing to it, like a little more convinced and less euphoric

Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing as a career or just advice about careers in general?

Ans : learn how to play your songs with a DJ machine, a DJ ipad, a turntable set of decks, an mp3 DJ interface, all of them whatever music you do, be a DJ, mozart was a DJ, be a DJ regardless of what the “DJ Culture” says about you not being mediocre… 4real

Q: If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

Ans : i have tow marriages, with two girls, i tried to be gay but it didn’t worked, i will always kick him when he tried to kiss me, and became very violent and had difficult acts of violence

under the euphoria diagnosis i had so i stopped trying to chase love with men and instead tried to beat them, then i met this two miracoulous girls, they’re best friends till today but you know, things can fail, i was with her majesty at her club and then suddenly she left for a second to bring pizza (it was a surprise i knew she had because then i found the pizza boxe and never realized it was her until i saw her signature on the box), by then we were long gone, her best friend just took her boyfriend for a trip aroud town, i was leaving my girlfriend alone while making love to her best friend, she got pregnant that night, we married, then when it all exploded and her majesty took measures i had to try to divorce to help in some way it never worked she never gave me the divorce, on the other hand her majesty forced me to marry her although i said in front of the law is very impossible to prove you have two marriages running, she said marry or i kill myself, and with tha statement she manipulated me for two years and a half, she got pregnant, and i have 3 daughters with her best friend and one with her, last wednesday she sent me a pm like, bro i wanna get pregnant again, i was like wow this is great i love it lets write a beautiful story out of this, and i’m sure is gonna be beautiful, we’re so in love

Q:When and why did you start playing?

ANS: i was at an underground fest of street art, there was tons of underground electronic scenes from all over Europe, some from the USA, many Latinos and the party was heating, like i was there, dancing and drinking sprite with vodka in the same giant bottle, a crystal bottle that inspired no DJ but anyway. The fest is called bogotrax, happens in Bogotá Colombia, i was born in Las Vegas and moved to Bogotá when i was 6 years old. bogotrax calls every DJ and graffiti artist into some conferences, radio shows, live acts, big concerts and is a one week party, never seen anywhere else. But a DJ decided he will play the song they use when darth vader appears, it’s called ‘imperial march (darth’s vader theme) composed by John Williams, but on an electronic party where everyone wants loud things this proved to be a mistake, as it started people became confused, i said yo fool get down from that pulpit, stop fucking around, people grow mad and angry i disconnected one of the speakers and the thing got out of control, this was the most complicated part of my adolescence i will always hang around to underground electronic raves alone when my butler realized that he called a military official to take me everywhere in his car, and so, there i was drinking vodka with sprite, in the middle of the heat, with a fella from the army, nobody around me but the place in absolute chaos, they all knew my name, the guy with the canadian family name, like i was never a bully or a pain in the ass, i was always quite a bro with everyone, until i talk to a girl for the first time of course, after that i never was the same again, i became delicate and less cool to men, became cool to girls, and my friends and neighbors noticed it, i went never to parties with them i will always hang out with someone from CB or MFC to eat pizza, or when someone had a room party i will sometimes bring my DJ setup and play a few songs so i disappeared form the scene because of that. But that day with Darth Vader praising the mediocre by giant ego of a DJ, i decided i had to be a DJ, i decided i wanted to sound like no one has ever sound, no matter if they destroyed the place because of my music, in fact i was focused that this guy was pretty much a fool who never understood that the music he plays with expensive decks in expensive vinly belongs to someone else you know, like its like shirley using dad’s car, or dad’s favorite sweater, i want her want to possess it and make it herrs, because i know its mine, nothing will make me feel better than she wearing it. In this case that DJ was using something from someone who never said hey use this in your party, and if someone did, that person made a mistake because he gave him “The imperial march for darth vader by john williams”, and that aroused a great deal of benzine over that party so i decided to make music to feel myself and if someone burns the place i’m gonna be happy the sound graffiti on the speakers was hand made, by me

yours truly

Andrew V