An Exclusive Interview With Artist Grasshead

  • Congrats on the release of The Drop! How does it feel to have the EP finished and released?

It feels great to have this project complete after years of planning and finally being able to buy back the rights to the completed EP. It was a joint project with Above Average Productions from Miami, FL., and my label INT Records, and featured the legendary 808 Mafia. It took a lot of work to have this come to fruition and the end product is fire for my people for sure!

  • We noticed you and your music have been in a few films ,did you always plan on working with film?

For sure. That has always been part of the master plan. I have a crazy talented production team and we always love a challenge, especially when it comes to making custom music for film, like the Sony Crackle T.V. series STARTUP, and even independent films like ‘Paying Mr. McGetty’.

  • The Drop has an awesome sound. I noticed its a different style than your album “My Highz & My Lowz”. What sounds and artists are inspiring you today?

The Drop for sure has a sound of it’s own because Above Average Productions and 808 Mafia joined forces with my team to release a project that put Grasshead Music and Miami back on the map for good; combining a lyrical attack with a fusion of new wave and old school production. I’m personally inspired by production that doesn’t sound like anything else out there and by artists/producers that push the envelope to stay away from the monotony that you hear on the radio.

  • Really loving the merch over at TheGrassheadShop. Do you design it all yourself?

We appreciate all the love my team has received over all these years with our Grasshead merch. The Grasshead clothing has been my bread winner since I was selling shirts and cd’s out my trunk to survive. I design the Grasshead merch with our INT graphic designer/artist, who is also my closest cousin, and we have a whole new lineup coming to the Shop in the next months.

  • The fans want to know, what’s next? Did you start working on a new body of work?

Get ready for so much Grasshead Music to be released this coming year! We have over 40 blazing tracks in the catalogue that we’re dieing to let the world hear on these next album series I’m currently in the process of releasing on all streaming platforms:

‘Grasshead presentz Secret Stash Series’ and ‘Grasshead presentz You Live & You Learn’.

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