A Latest Interview with Cooper Phillip

How do you feel about the launch of your new song “Party by Myself”?

I’m really excited. We have over 1,120,000 plays on Spotify in just a few months and over 600,000 plays on Soundcloud. It’s organically growing and people really like the song, which makes me happy that I picked this one for my single. In the period of the last six months, I wrote something like 20 new songs and I picked five that I love. When my manager heard “Party by Myself”, along with my team, they agreed it was definitely the single because it would really speak to everybody. It’s very specific and wide open at the same time and everyone can find his or her peace of mind in it. We can all relate to it because it’s all about being free and independent, but also about being true to yourself and being able to be happy on your own.

How would you describe the musical style of the song?

The style that I’m working on now is definitely Pop with strong EDM and Urban elements as well. This song in particular has this Reggaeton foundation to it, which I really like. It’s kind of like a mixture of genres and styles, which is I found very interesting.

How did collaborating with people on this project go?

I wrote Party By Myself with Alessandro Calemme, an incredible producer/songwriter. He helped develop a whole new sound for me. Other writers involved were Cameron Forbes, Max Matluck, Krysta Youngs, Myah Langston and Kiplin Evans. We just went to the studio and started jamming. We had so many ideas. We came back to it a few months later, listened to everything and then selected the best songs.

What do collaborations bring you in your career as a whole?

I always like working with other writers because it’s like a great conversation where one or two people share or add to the story. Sometimes I write by myself but writing with someone allows you to maximize the creativity in the room.

Over your time being an artist, have gone through big changes in your career?

I’m evolving everyday and having fun developing artistry. I decided to dig and learn who I am as an artist and a singer. I’m really just having a lot of fun with new projects and new music. I feel like we change as we grow, but I’m still the same in my core. I’m very influenced by throwback artists, soul music, Stevie Wonder and gospel artists. So I’m still trying to create an interesting blend of something that will speak to today’s audience while keeping the feel of music from the past. I believe that music from the past is the best music, and I’m trying to infuse that flavor with the new. If you listen to the end of “Partying by Myself”, I try to incorporate ad-libs that are like old school Mariah or old school Whitney to give my music a classic feel. They are two of my biggest influences but I am alway in the process of defining myself and showing the world who I am.

What is the message behind “Party by Myself”?

You know we often feel insecure about ourselves, but the best feeling is when we are fully independent and not reliant on anybody else to be happy. “Party by Myself” is to me like an anthem about freedom and self-love. It’s not just about the partying, but about feeling happy and complete in your own skin. That’s the whole concept behind the song.
When I make fun music, the lyrics still need to mean something because people are looking for depth. That’s what I like when writing my song, I like to dig deep. If we truly love ourselves and follow our own path, we don’t need anyone else to be ourselves. That’s the overall message.

Do you write your songs more for an audience or more for yourself?

When I write I just try to stay true to myself and to my artistry. I just think about what I’m going through and I try to share my own story through my music. I learned throughout the years that when you’re completely honest with yourself, that’s when you connect the best with your audience, even without trying to connect with them. That’s the most amazing thing. When you put your heart and effort into making a song and sharing your story, people relate.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m definitely looking forward to shooting the music video “Party by Myself”, and it’s happening soon. I just finished my EP called “Thank you heartbreak”. I’m really excited about that because it’s really going to establish the brand of the new wave of my music. I really think the songs are amazing and there sound is consistent. I’m getting so much positive feedback on them and I can wait for my audience to hear it and share it. But first we are releasing the “Party by Myself” remix EP. The Trackdilla and MVZE remixes were just released and they’re getting a great response.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I just performed at Blind Dragon and Sayers Club in Los Angeles. I have a tour coming up that will take me through Texas and to South Padre Island for Spring Break and then back to LA for an invitation only performance at No Name on March 21st, where I will preview songs from the EP.

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Thank you so much for talking to me today, and good luck in your career!