A Quick Chat With Young British Talented Singer Anna

Anna is young unsigned British talent. Started learning the music at the age of Eight.Anna belongs to a musical family. Her mother and father both are renowned musicians in the UK.Fola is also a young British artist with complete love and devotion for singing.Anna performed on TV and Radios and was spotted by the National Lottery to perform for National Lottery in United Kingdom.

Anna was always praised and encouraged by the people and by the professionals. She decided to take one step further and decided to launch her single. LOVE me LOVE is her 1st single and it is gone viral just in few days.Love me Love by ANNA and Fola is available on iTunes and all other digital stores.

When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

It’s very exciting and I am shocked to know that that people are liking my song and voice.  I have had  very good comments, encouragement and blessings, so its really very exciting to work on a new project.

How do you shut things out?

I stop from what I am doing, go out for a walk in the open air, lie down, shut my eyes – medidate, breathe in and out and listen to my favourite music.

How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Not very easily – I think of a true story or situation, write my lyrics and try to create a melody and beats that matches and go from there.

What is your motto or the advice you liveby?

My motto is to do my best and be a unique singer, with great music, which is different from other singers.

For our readers, who have never heard your music, explain your sounds in 5 words?

Unique, Great, Loveable, Challenging and Uplifting .

At what age you started singing?

At the age of 8.

Who is your inspiration?

Sir M.J (Michael Jackson).  I have been inspired to sing and dance through watching Sir M.J (Michael Jackson).

What is your favourite song to sing live?

‘Love Me Love’.  It’s my own creation and it’s all about me.

Do you have any events coming or recording going on right now?

Yes, I am working on a new song:  ‘Wanna Sing My Song To The World’, as I love people, and like to be loved.

If you have a sound track to your life, what song would have to be on it?

‘Love Me Love’, my own song.

Have you been in competitions? Any prize?

Yes I have won 5 Awards in Talent Competitions.  Have won 1st Prizes in cups and trophies in the U.K.