Star Grace – Ashes and Dust

While working in the studio, Star Grace is constant energy as she constructs her upcoming EP.  Music is the language of Star’s world. If she’s not singing or playing an instrument, she finds her deepest mode of expression through writing.

Born a blue eyed child of the 90s in Austin, Texas. Star spent her early years traveling through music festivals, being raised by musicians and the music itself. Star’s career has never been strictly limited to the creation of sounds. Behind the scenes of her life as a musician, Star can oftentimes be found choreographing and rehearsing dance routines to her own tracks. A passion she has cultivated since age 3, starting at the Austin Ballet.

Star plays keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, and banjo, but her singing and songwriting made people take notice from the age of five. By age 14 Star was the lead singer and songwriter for the band Infantile, and toured across the country to include festivals like Heaven and Holocene in Portland.

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