Host of The LA Talk Radio Show ‘Accent On Yannik’ Actor Yannik Collin

Actors, many times, don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Of course, that generally applies to everyone, but we’re talking about an actor’s livelihood, here, not just the uncertainty of everything that might happen tomorrow. The actor Yannik Collin put it nicely when we asked him what his plans for the future were. He said: “This is a strange question as an actor, we never actually know what is going to happen tomorrow and that’s one of the reasons why I love this industry. However, I’ll have to say that in the future I want to develop myself as an individual, I want to be the best version of me as possible and hopefully I can be a source of motivation to some people out there. I think I would be pretty happy if I get to do those things.


Well, we loved that answer and we can’t remember the last time someone has been that philosophical with us when talking about acting. The fact that this young Canadian who has established himself as a professional actor in a very short time after his arrival from Quebéc, Canada, is almost unheard of in the annals of actor interviews and bios of thespians. The film business is a cutthroat industry where every actor is on his or her own and each actor must constantly watch his back. Perhaps we have been watching too many movies and aren’t seeing Hollywood from the proper perspective. Maybe Yannik’s view is the right way to look at the world of films and entertainment.

Maybe his refreshing attitude and enormous amount of talent has been the reason for his quick success in this business. Since he got off the plane a couple of years ago, he secured two agents and a manager and he’s been in tons of movies, TV shows and music videos. So, maybe you can make it in the movie business even if you have principles, a nice personality, talent and a good heart. Canadians are highly civilized, along with Australians, and perhaps their customs, politeness and mannerly behavior  will set a real example for all the other actors who come to Hollywood and Vine to be discovered.


You can catch Yannik in several productions due out this year and listen for him on LA Talk Radio where he has his own show called, Accent On Yannik.