A Conversation with S T A J E, Recording Artist & Entertainer

It’s our pleasure to interview a young and talented recording artist STAJE. Who has been writing songs from last few years. But now he has decided to step into the boots himself. And he has released an amazing track”Keisha”.

SNT MAG: What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?
S T A J E: I’m a born Entertainer. I started off with acting on The Originals tv show. Got into Buzzfeed YouTube videos shortly after. I always wanted to start making music but I had to wait for my time. I ghost written for artists for years before I felt it was the right time for me! Coronavirus scared so many artists from making new music and I just felt there was no better time than now to start doing my own music. Crazy how fast things are happening!

SNT MAG: What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?
S T A J E: I’m just an artist! I don’t categorize my craft. I can sing, I can rap, I can write, I can produce. I’m just an artist.

SNT MAG: What makes “Keisha” one of your best releases so far?
S T A J E: The success! I didn’t think anything of the song when I released it! Just thought hey I got a fun song here with an interesting story so I’ll just release it! Never in a million years thought it would be on the billboard charts! Just crazy!

SNT MAG: Track is topping the charts, you must be very happy about that?
S T A J E: I am! We put so much into this. A lot of friends lost and hate gained. The people I trust have been there supporting me this whole way. This isn’t only for me! This is for them too. We did this! Fam Entertainment has just charted for our first time. It’s a great feeling for the whole fam family. Andy, Goddi, Taylor, Johnny Bobby, Pete! My whole Fam Ent family deserves this one.

SNT MAG: Do you need some specific kind of environment for writing songs?
S T A J E: No! I just need a dope a** production. Writing comes second nature to me. I have so many stories in my head. The beat helps bring them out.

SNT MAG: If you could let someone sing the best song you would have written, who would it be that artist?
S T A J E: The Weeknd. Guys a king! We will remember him like we remember MJ when it’s all said and done. His come up was crazy through OVO. I always knew he was special. Straight King man! Would love to write this guy a song. It would be magical for his fans. Come on! Let’s get this one going…

SNT MAG: We heard the rumor, you are joining some big label?
S T A J E: Ahhhhh! I’m trying to stay low key on this. I mean if it happens it happens. I just want to focus on the music and write for other artists. There’s just something money can’t buy and one of those things for me is being able to create what I feel. Authentic only!

SNT MAG: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
S T A J E: Just stay looking out for me! I am releasing Keisha music video on Aug 14th. Make sure you go to my Youtube and subscribe to stay up to date on my new releases. Got a banger come very very soon!
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