The Best Human Hair Wigs For Your Face Shape

For a lady, beauty is one thing, and matching it with the right cosmetic accessories is another. Fashion has its uniqueness and trends, but there are always specific styles or types that go with certain features. As far as hair fashion is concerned for women, human hair wigs have come to be the best hair attachments that are highly clamored for.


This is due to the naturality, flair, and air of elegance it gives (especially for ebony-toned women). However, as much as it has all these amazing features, all types of human hair wigs can’t fit every type of woman. Personal features, such as facial shape, skin tone, and others, differ. As such, the selection of wigs has to be based on these features.


It is imperative to note that where fashion is concerned, it most likely won’t be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. What may fit Miss A may not be the same for Miss B. In this article, we shall be specifically looking at the best natural human hair wigs with bangs that are quite compatible with different types of facial shapes.


But first, it is essential to know your facial shape before picking a wig or styling your hair in a certain way. Not to worry, because you can do this easily. All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, holding your hair backward and revealing your face. Afterward, closely observe your face to see the widest part.


Then, draw an imaginary line around the edge of your face to discover its exact shape.

The discovery shape may turn out to be either heart, oval, square, diamond, pear, or round. Let us delve into the type of quality human hair wigs with bangs that can fit these facial shapes, as mentioned above.

Round Facial Shape

A round face usually features a round the hairline, and there is a type of fullness above the chin area. For the round facial shape, a long human hair wig with a full bang. This will be quite fitting to the round face as it will make it appear narrower. You should also ensure the wig has less volume at the ears, but more at the crown.


This will be quite fitting for a lady with a round facial shape.

Square Facial Shape

The square face shape is characterized by a square-shaped hairline and jawline. When choosing a hair wig with bangs as a square-faced lady, you should go for those that add height to the narrowness of the ears. This helps in creating an illusion of facial length.


Curly wigs with bangs are also a great fit. It complements the square face and helps in hiding blending in some of the facial edges.


Heart facial shape

In case you have no idea what a heart face shape looks like, that is the shape of Selena Gomez’s face. If you have this shape of face, going for a long natural human hair wig with the crescent bang will be an amazing idea. A soft-crescent shaped fringe is all you’ll need to create magic with a mix of elegance.


To create the crescent bang, all you need is to make the bangs of your human hair wig have longer outer edges and short edges in the middle. This type of bang is usually long and feathery.


Another type of bang style that could go well with heart-shaped faces is the baby bangs. As someone with the heart face shape, when you don’t feel like balancing out your face shape, a fun option is the baby bangs. It usually lies in the middle of your forehead and is even more feathery than micro bangs.

Oval facial shape

When it comes to selecting bang types, the people with oval face shapes are luckier because they can easily go with more bang styles than others.


If you belong in this category and you are down for something daring, try a quality human hair wig with medium bangs that are a little longer than micro bangs. To achieve this, make sure your bangs aren’t long enough to get to your eyebrows, they can only be very close.


Using a curly human hair wig for this look would also be a good option. Also, making your bangs wispy or sweeping them at one side of your face will look great.

Oblong facial shape

People under this category often have square jawlines. If you belong here, a natural human hair wig with long layered bangs can help to balance and soften your features.


These types of bangs are also known as curtain bangs. They are usually long and fluffy.

Long facial shape

If you have a long face with a higher forehead that is not too wide, you might just have a lot of areas to work with. Moreover, you‘ll have to be particular about the parts of your face you’ll want to highlight.


You can easily create a diagonal angle on your face as this will help to keep people’s eyes focused on areas like your eyes, lips, and nose.


As someone with a long face, don’t go for cropped bangs because they’ll further elongate your face. Rather, go for quality human hair wigs with grown-out bangs. These bang types are line low and always rest around your eyebrows. You can also try human hair wigs with long blunt bangs or straight textured bangs.

 A chubby face

A lot of people with chubby face feel they might never get any hairstyle to properly suit their faces. Well, that is definitely untrue. When it comes to bangs, there are a lot of styles that could complement your face and make you very pretty.


For starters, you can try natural human hair wigs with a razor –cut bangs. Its full features will add more structure and dimension to your face. All it takes is a professional hairdresser.


You can also try human hair wigs with layered feathered bangs and a middle part. This bang style creates an elongated and slimming appearance. The heavy blunt bang style will also be fitting.


Final Thoughts

In summary, beauty is not stereotypical. As a lady, your natural self comes with some specific features. As such, your beauty and cosmetic accessories must match these natural features. Natural human hair wigs are at the peak of hair fashion, and they have led the hair fashion world into a revolution.


Beauty is worthless if it isn’t within the confines of  naturality.