Autumn and winter fashion collocation

Contrast color is tie-in

In many people’s eyes is the most difficult to control color matching fit, maybe will wear out a pair of the palette! This seemingly simple but sophisticated color matching technique, the biggest charm is intelligent will all kinds of high saturation concentration of color stitching together, playing a retro, play a romantic and fashionable.

First of all, each modeling is the mass-tone attune, so to ensure that the final effect is not like a palette of hilarious. Secondly, color is too complex, clipping, it requires more contracted a strength, can also be integrated into some gorgeous deserve to act the role of personality to reveal attitudes, somehow you will fall in love with this entertaining game hitting the scene.


Some girls are born like simple things, including fashion, they also are extremely JianFan son of the pursuit of excellence, the line of concise and spell able, atmosphere and elegant way they like best about the item. So this kind of collocation is the focus of the clipping and clothing design, simple everyday collocation have to develop feeling style can foil a minimalist essence, contracted faction of the pure sense of dress, of course, also is to have cultured very much.

Lolita girls dream

No woman don’t want to return to the young girl dreams, reduction of age is wearing a dress up is not confined to pink is tender and bright clothes, nifty sweet, delicate details or whimsy graffiti on the fashion girl can prove your heart is so charming, as a beautiful girl, jewelry choice more cannot ignore, neckline ribbon chest ornament corsage, even is the best prove that you are still young.

Bohemian amorous feelings

In the 70 s Bohemian romantic feelings, let all the girls deeply like a stretch the restless river, clear at a glance see through, so romantic freedom.

Boho, always little not tassel, printing, the representative element such as suede, of course, in this season can also mix a variety of, big can be printed dresses to match gown with texture, slacks, game again a simple pair of ankle boots, so willfulness and amorous dress is just what a hippie girl represents the spirit of liberty.

Literary young woman

A qualified literary girl on dress collocation is very exquisite, seemingly low-key but fashionable. You can wear a luxurious fur coat, but classic loafers must choose collocation, elegant and have feelings of pleated skirt you will fondle admiringly, the double-breasted design of long coat or tasty berets are specific symbols of literary and artistic young women, every touching detail can’t forget.visit for buy online