NRW Records Impress Us With New Album “Akuma 2”

NRW Records has had music featured in Netflix films/TV shows and major movies, such as Death Note, Family Guy, and the latest Godzilla franchise. Their work has gained praise and recognition from 80s new wave artist Thoman Dolby and Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. NRW’s mission is to share and spread the Retrowave sound and culture with the world.

Their most recent discharge, the Akuma 2 collection, sees the gathering of performers plunge into spooky, minor-key synth tunes and throbbing drum programming, while at the same time conveying silent rush looking for harmonies.
It’s music that requires some investment to a period where liberal adolescents cherished taking part in high-adrenaline attempts alongside different trappings of the dial-up counterculture that overwhelmed up to the last decade of the 20th century

Akuma 2″ is really an artful culmination, a sonic precious stone to be loved in the entirety of its brightness, profundity, and multi-faceted quality. While reminiscent of the 2017’s widely praised “Akuma”, the NRW Records motor room team have outperformed it, vivaciously advancing their trademark sound with bleeding edge sequencing, complex layered tunes, and roaring, baffling basslines expertly transformed into epic synthesizers. Tracks like “Arousing” and “Released” conveys an aural canvas of complex multi-layered synth courses of action pervaded by overwhelming bass riffs.

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