Q&A : Holy Fire Music Video

Directed by Roman Rütten // Starring Ellie Patrikios

Award Winning Director Romantten known for films such as; Children Of The  Forgotten, Maryana Shako for Calvin Klein, and The Rusty Suns – LOCO. Commercials for;  SONOS – Sonos Melting, Vision Express, Pattex, Starbucks, Brita, OPG, Direct Line, Boars  Head, Lincoln – Wish List Sales Event, Hyundai, HTC, Foster Farms, was casting for the lead in “Holy Fire” a short film which has been shown in multiple screenings all over the world– has also been accepted at the Seattle International Film festival where it will be screened September 1-3  2017 at the Seattle Centre during the Film Festival.

This goes alongside, a music video for OMOTOLA (a singer/songwriter working with seasoned producers such as; Scott Hackwith (The Ramones, Spiritualize, Dig) and Chris Garcia (Céline Dion, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Selena Gomez). DP accomplice – Multi Award Winner Eloi Moli winning Best Cinematography, Director, and the Official Selection at Tribeca Film Festival with (2 Golden, Silver & 3 Bronze Lions at Cannes Film Festival , the Golden Laus Award (2011) for Film Ident.) known for his work with clients such as; Budweisier, Target, Intel, Samsung, Vodafone, Amex etc..*

Roman found Ellie Patrikios via IMDB and was hooked on having her play out his vision as the lead in the production.

Q: Where was Holy Fire Filmed?

A: It was filmed in The Four Aces, Motel Film Studio in

Palmdale, California. (On the hottest day of the year!!) Kill Bill filmed one of their scenes there too!

Q: What was it like working for Roman?

A: Noteworthy as one of the most remarkable experiences I have had as a performer. Roman is an extremely determined, prepared, artistically unique director, who is committed to his work and production. He has an eye for detail, and this was evident on our initial meeting and table read, where he storyboarded a neat portrayal of visuals, mood, and staged directions that spoke louder than writing itself. These images he had created and put together, including the time he spent on location photographing each detail and moment enabled my performance, building my character to a cathartic reality from before we even begun filming.

He sent me Omotola’s song to listen to, and gave me a great background story of both the artist and the film’s story. On set, it was all about living out the work we had already done. It was very easy to work with him because I understood what he was visualizing. He worked alongside to prepare me for each moment with a brief question that would enable me to live the moment as if it was taking place right then and there.


Q: What Role do you play?

A: I play a reckless, emotionally challenged mother (the lead) who craves the position of my daughter’s foster parents. To be able to hold her, and love her. Unfortunately having to give up my maternal needs in order to do the right thing for my child, giving her a chance in life, I had to do the heartbreaking chore of putting her up for adoption under the rapture of disastrous financial circumstances, working as a prostitute, evidently being barred from my daughter.

Q: How do you prepare for a non-speaking role that conveys an emotionally painful message?

A: I am lucky by nature, that I am a sensitive individual. When I hear somebody’s story, especially a heart-wrenching one like my character in Holy Fire, I feel it inside of me as if I am living it. When filming this role, I didn’t overthink anything, I really just lived the core of my reality in that moment. I knew that the directors, and the camera would portray this. My thoughts were the thoughts in the moment.

My needs, wants, and objective goals of wanting my daughter back, were the backbone to my actions, to my expressions, and my essence

.I have not cried so much during a production as I did with Holy Fire (I even cried on my way home from wrapping!!) I really felt this gruesome motherly pain, this utter loneliness, and wonder.

Q: Where can we watch Holy Fire?

A: Holy Fire can be seen on several websites, including Omotola’s (the artist) official website, the Director Roman Rütten and DP Eloi Moli’s website, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, and on several other platforms.

For more on Eloi Moli (DP)*


You can check out more here on Holy Fire: http://eloimoli.com/NARRATIVE/holyfire/