Nothing is Almost Everything By kadooge

Kadooge is an Aurora, Illinois based rock four piece founded in 2012. They just released their debut, self titled EP. Kadooge is unapologetic and unrelenting alternative rock band that has released its 12-track album, entitled “Nothing is Almost Everything”.The album is completely magnificent not only for its free for all of melodic instruments that bring you here and there like a crazy ride or in view of the remarkably relatable verses, but since it’s loaded up with increasingly incredible, shrewd melodic thoughts than most elective musical gangs have ever thought of in their whole vocations.

This is an extremely simple album to get completely lost in. The guitar granulates, rankles and clubs the ears, while the bass is profound and rich and the entire album has an exceptionally entrancing force to it. Kadooge truly hit the nail on the head with this account. Here they rise out of the rapidly weakening elective shake scene as clear experts and trend-setters of their style. Each track trickles with coarse, climatic force and there’s not a powerless track in the cluster.

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