Still Up By Chris B

 Freestyle rap artist, Chris B. has released the much-anticipated single from his fifth album, “Reflection” titled, “Still Up.” This track brings out Chris B’s maturity as he still able to drop profanity with the best of them, but molds his words around the aggression and disdain with prose and creativity. Set as a freestyle number in which Chris B unleashes his goals, ambitions, and desires to stand out amongst the heaters, and the posers, overcome the animosity thrown his way and become better for it.

Chris uses these themes to assert himself into a tight niche market which only the strongest will survive. “Made my way out of the slum, tired of being a bum,” Chris looks to his word, and his beats to help him rise above. “I told you haters, yeah I don’t want none, none,” the resolve of a dedicated artist.

This track plays out over a steady syncopated hip-hop beat which is masterfully mixed as each sample is carefully tuned to each frequency, creating a full spectrum dynamic which begs to be played at high volumes. Keeping that steady bass groove pumping into the listener’s ears, the message is delivered with authority and deliberation.

This tack would fit into an urban radio playlist had it not been for the copious amount of profanity in every stanza, however, this plays nicely to a live club setting where young dancers look to work out their aggression. Chris B can be the vessel for the pent-up angst of today’s youth. Overall, a very enjoyable track, and one which begs to be replayed often.

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