First Time By The Blue Artic

Emerging from the elite London music scene in the UK, solo recording artist The Blue Artic began hitting the ground running after several years of pursuing a career with indie bands, but yearning to get more into the realm of Pop music and the versatility that can be implemented into the genre. And thus, The Blue Artic came out the gate with the nostalgia and determination to create something different and authentic.


Utilizing prior stage experiences like Rock am Ring festival and appearances including X Factor, The Blue Arctic’s take on the Pop genre resonates with a sound that touches on both equal parts originality and familiarity, giving his audience a taste of something recognizable yet identifiable. Embracing melodic song structures and vocal arrangements as a cornerstone to his songwriting, his music is also reminiscent of several personal artist influences including industry heavyweights like Major Lazer, Max Martin, Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar but also The Beatles, Genesis, Michael Jackson. Catchy & unique Pop melodies is where The Blue Artic feels at home.

Recently, The Blue Artic dropped his first single “First Time” through Spotify, and has gotten considerable traction since its initial release. The song is currently available for streaming/digital download and is also working on follow-up material slated for 2019. As his element of mystery and melody continues its pursuit into the London scene and musical aura, The Blue Artic has tricks up his sleeve that will grab the attention of anyone who has a love for Pop-infused melodies, catchy choruses and a wish to give their daydreaming a new kick.

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