Outta Love by Kfir

Pop sensation, Kfir releases Outta Love to great anticipation and excitement. Following the success of Drama Queen, Kfir utilizes infectious melodies and catchy choruses to deliver a complete ready for radio pop track which will please any listener. Drawing on the contrast of falling in love, to falling out of love, Kfir can lyrically bring clarity in his metaphorical approach to the subject matter. “I held you in my arms like there was no tomorrow, melting into one never flying solo” the contrary diverges this, “You look into my eyes like there was no tomorrow, I screamed and cursed your name when I felt my sorrow.” Outta Love asks the questions every hurt lover asks, “When did you mean to fall outta love?”

Coming from a rich musical background in which he is a successful ballet dancer, and performer Kfir taps into the pop market with elegance, poise, and sophistication. Coupled with the suave, sultry voice, Outta Love entertains the listener while challenging them with the diverse lyrical content.

Outta Love would make an excellent addition to any adult-contemporary, pop radio format as it offers catchy choruses, smooth melodies and infectious groove which entices movement in the listener. Outta Love is professionally mixed, with every frequency well-separated allowing playback at high volumes distortion-free, yet blended to offer a complete sound.

This bona fide pop single should propel this Israeli-American’s career forward, as he has the looks, the style, and the voice to accompany the exquisite performance. With a growing catalog of legitimate hits, Kfir is a name we should hear in the media very soon.

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