There is always something that makes a piece of craft exceptional and great. But the concept behind every piece of presentation determines the beauty of such a presentation.  Survival whose music foregrounds the quirks and neuroses of its creator .The music reveals about the beautiful personalities behind it.Everything that made up the song was simply amazing and charming, From the idea to the composition of the music are  excellent . What I love most about the Survival  is the variation.

The concept behind the music was excellent, the music is splendid to say the least, and it made the video even more endearing to watch. the pause of the music that initiated the display of galaxy of stars then the beautiful appearance of gorgeous looking flowers in a greenery background. This combination is simply a concept that comes with high professionalism.

Survival has a deeper meaning behind it and it is a perfect match to the video. Though the concept of the music is excellent. The music actually created the right feeling, the song can lead to daydreaming about the beauty of life. I would say that it is the song that gave the video a face . What attracted me to the song was the melody and the rhythm, the video and song was in harmony giving the piece the right balance. With such style of music, the artist will surely be at the top, because it is not easy to do something like that and still come out good. I like people with such great talent.

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