Buni Milani Reigns As The Music Industry’s New It Girl

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Buni Milani is the ‘It Girl’ of the new decade. With her vibrant personality and top tier music, the beauty is taking her career to astronomical heights while staying humble through it all.

Her musical sound is extremely unique, yet extremely relatable. The vast vocal tones and abilities Milani possesses makes her music stand out above the rest. The pop singer is making music that will have the same effect on listeners 30 years from now. She has made it clear that she will indeed still be performing into old age.

‘The Juicy Visual’, Buni Milani’s upcoming music video, will mark the new level she has reached in her music career. Milani remains confident in all of her abilities and that is because of continuous practice and improvement. Being the best version of herself in the present is very important to her.