Working With The Best In The Business, Musician Ido Sagir

Ido Sagir’s music is a pleasure to listen to. Besides the guitar, he also plays the Oud and Saz, which are lute-like string instruments. Then when you look at Ido’s resumé you realize that this guy is much more talented than your first impression led you to believe. He has played background music for TV series, video games, documentaries and tons of short films. In other words, he is in high demand as a master musician by other artists who recognize his expertise.

Ido was born in Israel and was raised in the United States until he was seven years old. When he was 14 he decided to learn the guitar in order to start a band with his friend who played bass guitar. Optimistically, Ido applied for an audition for his school’s music program – after playing the guitar for only two weeks. Needless to say, he didn’t pass the audition but that motivated him to practice intensely for two months straight and he requested another audition. When the teachers saw how much he had improved in such a short period of time they accepted him into one of the best music programs in Israel with open arms. His dedication and perseverance paid off as he received a perfect score on his finals in his senior year.

After graduating he continued private music studies along with vocal training in Israel, he then moved to Los Angeles and began his professional music career as a solo performing artist, studio musician and playing with bands. He was recording guitar music in a studio when he suddenly realized that he was actually recording with Jesse J’s touring band as her guitarist Mateus Asato couldn’t be there. That’s when it struck Ido that he had finally arrived. He was well aware that Jesse J was known to be very picky and only wanted the best musicians to work on her projects and tours. Ido knew then and there that he had entered the top tier of musicians and that an outstanding performance was no longer a random bonus – it was now a daily requirement that he was ready to achieve.

Ido Sagir never takes a day for granted because he feels so fortunate in being able to immerse himself in doing what he is passionate about: playing music for a living.