American Rapper, Songwriter Kid Fre$h

The future of Texas hip-hop has planted his feet on the ground, and is looking to make waves beyond the state. Kid Fre$h has released his latest project titled “Pe$os” which shows his diversity in both song writing and lyricism.

Pe$os fuses both English and Spanish together into one cohesive unit, and showcase’s Kid Fre$h’s ability to ride the beat like a wave. Overally, Fre$h’s linguists is on par with those who are on a national level, and with due exposure he could take his career to new heights.
Kid Fre$h is a Texas-based rapper and songwriter. Stylistically he is a storyteller, drawing from real life experiences to inform his creative approach to the music. The multicultural blend of his musical composition combined with the deep baselines and effortless flow of his lyrics will keep listeners hooked. His newest project, “Pe$os”, is out now.

Kid Fre$h (bio)

LaMarcus McKinney (born January 30, 1997), College Station, Texas known professionally as Kid Fre$h is an American rapper, songwriter, Kid Fre$h worked hard to refine his craft and come up with a very original creative approach. He was inspired to take music seriously following the death of his best friend, Linda Vu, who was tragically stabbed to her death by her own boyfriend, right in front of her kids. Since then, Kid Fre$h realized that life is simply too short and unpredictable not to follow your dreams and use your heart! He set out to spread his music far and wide and had the chance to perform with well-known artists such as Ugly God, Trill Sammy, and Roy Dale, among others. His music is a great example of his sonic vision. He is a true rap storyteller, and he loves to speak about real-life situations and actual experiences. His music deals with issues he’s had to go through in life, or even his background, such as being raised in a difficult environment. Stylistically, Kid Fre$h really respects the work of fellow artists like Meek Mill, NAS, XXXTentacion, or J. Cole, only to mention a few. If you enjoy quality rap, made with passion and authenticity, don’t miss out on this one.