Stacey Jackson releases Live it Up Rebooted, Featuring Snoop Dogg alongside movie cameo

On June 4th, “Live it Up: Rebooted feat. Snoop Dogg” by Stacey Jackson is being released. The song is a new version of their popular joint collaboration, “Live it Up”, which they dropped in 2011. Ten years ago, the song was an enormous success, reaching number 2 on the UK pop charts. “Live it Up” is a mix of Stacey’s incredible voice and Snoop’s one of a kind vibe.

Nowadays the mixture of different genres is nothing new, and artists do it all the time. Back in the day, a clash of pop and rap was a very bold move, and the two artists made their collaboration very interesting and fun. It was not only hot on the charts, but the people loved it, and the song was played all over the clubs.

How did the song catch the spotlight?

 Once again, the song came to life when performed in the newest comedy movie called “Reboot Camp”. The comedy is about a fake guru with an interesting story, and it features David Lipper, Keli Price, Eric Roberts, David Koechner, Ja Rule and many more. The upbeat and cheerful melody of the song caught the attention of the new generation of listeners, and the two artists were hyped to take on a new project.

Stacey says that she had a blast on the set of “Reboot Camp”, saying that the excitement of performing the song with her dancers made her think of remixing it. She says the new single is more 2021 style, and it will definitely surprise many. Snoop and Stacey can’t wait for the remix and the video to come out as a celebration of their decade-old collaboration. They are hoping that the new version will be as popular as the original one was. The song is set to come out just in time for the summer, and maybe it will be the song that we will constantly hear everywhere around us.

Who is Stacey Jackson?

Stacey Jackson is a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, writer and mom, thus being an inspiration for many women who are trying to multitask. Stacey launched her career in her 40s and thus became an inspiration for many worldwide. She has released four albums and a dozen of successful tracks. During the 80’s she was touring the US and Canada with her band, wearing her tight pants and high-heels as her signature look.

Besides working with Snoop, she has collaborated with C-Rod and Dave Aude. Her most famous song besides “Live it Up” is the single “How Much is That Hottie in The Window”, featuring her friend and singer Andrew Derbyshire, who was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent. The song “Live it Up” is ageing, but we cannot say the same for the fit beauty, Stacey Jackson.

She promotes youth and cheerfulness both through her music and her sports- brand. That is simply the main trait of her character, and that keeps her feeling young and healthy.

What has Stacey been up to lately?

Stacey has been keeping people on their feet with her workout videos during quarantine, which she published on her YouTube channel. In that way, she also promoted her own brand, “Staefit”, which she launched in 2015. She used her time wisely during quarantine; besides her videos, she also wrote a book with her friend and journalist Ruth Elkins titled “How Snoop Dog Made Me A Better Mom.” This will be her debut novel, and she says it will show a completely different side of hers.

She says that the book covers a very important theme- juggling business and family life, and it will help many women to get the guidelines they need. Stacey has been outspoken about this topic all of her life, so the idea of a book about this came naturally to her. She says the topic is very near to her heart, and it is important to talk about it whenever she gets the chance. It can’t go unnoticed how her positive outlook on life has influenced everything she did and will continue to do in the future. A slightly different but still interesting job for her is the new role of a host on “Stacey Jackson in the ’80s,” a nostalgic television show that promotes music that was popular during that era.

Besides being a very successful businesswoman, Stacey is married to Henry Jackson, with whom she has four children. They live in London, and her family has been her main drive for everything she does. It seems that her children are going to walk in her shoes. She once mentioned that her daughter wants to be a pop star and that her son plays the drums, so maybe we will get a family collaboration soon. Stacey is a known advocate against age discrimination while trying to maintain a work-life balance.

Many ask her how she manages to do all of it.

She simply answers that she always chooses to have time for herself. “At least 45 minutes a day just for yourself, and you will be a better version of yourself in everything you do”.”If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.” That is her main motto in life, and she tries to reach out to all women out there and share this message.

Is new music on the horizon?

As for future plans, Stacey says that she has an acoustic album that is ready to be released. She is also working on a dance music album called “Beach Party,” which listeners are sure to love and hear sometime next year.

She definitely has a lot on her plate, but Stacey does not plan on stopping. With novelties in her music career and her business, we are looking forward to seeing her plans come to life.

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