The actress to watch for- Dralla Aierken

Two great movies you should catch as soon as possible: Journey To The West and The Policymaker. We got to see The Policymaker recently and we loved it. We especially liked Dralla Aierken who we’ve talked about several times before. In fact, we went to see the film because Dralla was in it.

You probably know Dralla from her role in Kythera, I do and we thought she was also wonderful in the Off-Broadway play The Light Princess, where she played the beautiful and magical Gravitron. Whatever film or play you watch Dralla perform in – once you see her you won’t ever forget her simply because she’s too beautiful and she’s a powerfully skilled and talented actress.

The Policymaker has Dralla playing the widow of a former “policymaker” for a Chinese gang based in Los Angeles. She shows up at a secret meeting of the gang just as they are about to choose another policymaker. This exciting movie is full of surprises and suspense. The widow apparently had other things on her mind than her departed husband and Dralla plays the widow convincingly enough to say that she became the widow during the filming process. That says a great deal about acting technique and shows that Dralla is one of the most accomplished and capable actresses in Hollywood today. Her part in this film only confirms what everyone already knew about her: She was born to act.

Journey To The West is an interesting play on an ancient Chinese legend. The legend has it that the Buddha forced WuKong to stay under a mountain for 500 years. The film changes things a bit and turns the mountain into a grand hotel and sets the story in the now. WuKong is in the hotel and can’t leave. In fact, anyone who stays at the hotel has given up any chance of ever leaving. WuKong is married to Jade, played by our favorite Dralla Aierken and the conflict begins when a younger woman checks into the hotel and tries to seduce Jade’s husband WuKong. Let the games begin! Well, love triangles never seem to have a very long life and we are not about to give out any spoilers. So, run out and get this movie and once you see it you’ll be watching all of Dralla’s performances from now on. You just won’t be able to help yourself.