Alberto Accettulli: Inside The Action

Italian-born and Los Angeles based filmmaker Alberto Accettulli has gained notoriety and critical acclaim for his commercial spots for the world’s leading companies and extreme sports films. Alberto features his filmmaking and videography skills as a commercial director in the global advertising space. He specializes in filming automobiles, extreme sports, and motorbikes.

Prior to his career as a filmmaker, Alberto excelled as a professional freestyle mountain bike athlete and was selected as the first Italian rider to be part of a North American riding team, Kona Klump – competing in prestigious events, including the Red Bull District Ride.

Following the end of his competitive career, Alberto founded a production company, Docks Video, specializing in filming and producing extreme videos. Collaborations included relationships with: Nike, Red Bull, Carhartt, Eastpak, Fiat Cars, and Corona Beers.

Alberto currently produces web and TV videos for global brands in the world of automotive, extreme sports, motorsports, and fashion. He is also one of the few directors that is able to (along with shooting, holding the camera, planning camera movements, working sometimes as a cinematographer) –all with a camera which has basically been his film school!

Alberto’s unique filming style is innovative – shooting scenes in different ways. “My motto is to think outside the box.” His experience as an athlete in freestyle sports introduced him to a perspective to shoot action films from a new point of view. “I like to get inside the action.”

Currently, Alberto Accettulli collaborates with major global agencies: Leo Burnett, Satchi & Satchi, BBDO, Dentsu, Hakudoho, JWT, and McCann. His campaigns include spots for Honda, Toyota, Ducati, Chevrolet, Visa, Jeep, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Red Bull, Kawasaki, Nestlè, Fiat, Rolex, Yamaha, Alfa Romeo, and Carrera.