The Hard Work and Passion Of Musician Amy Tcheupdjian

Practice makes perfect. Does it? Well, in some cases practice just makes tired students go to bed early but in rare cases practice absolutely makes perfect as is plainly obvious in the Australian born cellist Amy Tcheupdjian. She has been practicing since she was a kid, four years old, to be precise, and it looks as though she doesn’t plan on ever stopping – playing or practicing. And that’s good for us and good for the rest of the world.

She has played in Australia (of course), the United States, where she currently resides and teaches and performs, Brazil, Europe and throughout Scandinavia. Did we forget to mention that Amy also played in the historical, prestigious and highly esteemed 57th Street setting called Carnegie Hall in New York City? Well, she did and it was just as great as you might imagine. In fact, Amy thought it was an honor and a dream come true because she had always wanted to play inside that most celebrated of classical music venues since she was a young girl.

She also played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Music in the Round’ Concert Series, ‘Emerging Artist’ series, ‘Timeless Concert’ Series, as well as being a frequent performer on 3MBS radio Australia. She completed her Professional Studies Diploma at Mannes School of Music, performed with film score composer Gil Talmi for the Netflix production of The Great Hack, played cello for several other film scores, principal cellist for an unconducted chamber orchestra performance at the National Orchestral Institute at University of Maryland and performed in the Garden State Orchestra among countless other performances.

When asked if she had any advice for aspiring artists Amy said, “Keep dreaming and you will achieve;” simple yet very wise words from a wonderfully gifted and accomplished musician. She seems to live what she says and apparently, she knows that her advice is correct because she has experienced her dreams coming true. Now she teaches and performs in NYC as she programs a concert series that will present a string collective based in Brooklyn, New York. Amy believes that music should be accessible to everyone and she feels that her collective’s wide spectrum of performances that will range from standard classical works to new compositions by living composers will have broad appeal to New York audiences. She also plans to blend the string performances with other artists, dancers and poets.