Project housing (noir mix)

Project housing”. A song that was under a strong independent release 2014, why the idea for a remix?

I put it out under an independent release hold the Asia EP. The song itself did well in many markets why decided to release it again to my own multifaceted Market. A strong song with good roots.

There is a lot of insight to the song and it evokes a certain feel. What is the song about? What is the theme?

the song is about being raised in the inner city odds stacked againsyou and what path to take. As well as the lessons you learn. I would say the theme is about finding yourself through it all.

Project housing reflex the depth of a lotof your content. What does zion generally communicate through his music?

There is a strong level of diplomacy because many can relate. Knowledge Culture principal and reality in it’s raw form. I think it’s necessary to make that connection with an artist.

Who did the production?/ arrangement?

Born Scholars. My own in-house production brand from my management. along with additional musicians.

Your independent career took many Avenues. Would you say that you are devoted to 1 genre of music?

Not at all. Communication is important as many cultures that I walk with is as many cultures I talk to. I’m also a great fan of jungle, jazz and dub reggae.

Where can most get the song / download?

Right now at Audiomack zion antoni project housing (noir mix)