Music Artist Jaraiyia Alize talks about her love for music

Danville, Illinois, native, Jaraiyia Morris, better known by her stage name, Jaraiyia Alize´, is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next most promising songstress. Her recent music has earned her thousands of fans within short span of time. Here is our recent conversation with this amazing artist.

SNT Mag: How would you introduce yourself in one line?

Jaraiyia Alize: The loveliest walking contradiction

SNT Mag: What brought you into music?

Jaraiyia Alize: The struggle to survive everyday life.

SNT Mag: Saw the trailers of your recent releases and they are amazing. Can you give us more details?

Jaraiyia Alize: Each trailer is a representation of love in various forms. The Godmother, rage. The Piano Man, confusion. The Jeweler, lust. As beings, we all love.

SNT Mag: Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient? Can you put them in the most important order?

Jaraiyia Alize: lyrics are definitely the most important ingredient! One must first have a message.

  1. Lyrics
  2. Composition
  3. Vocals
  4. Production

SNT Mag: Watching your music video, one can assume you love performing, do you?

Jaraiyia Alize: Yes!

SNT Mag: You love to be a part of this music industry?

Jaraiyia Alize: Yes! A total dream come true.

SNT Mag: Do you sing in the shower too? What songs?

Jaraiyia Alize: Shower concerts are the best! My go to shower song is “His Eye In On The Sparrow” by Lauryn Hill.

SNT Mag: Do you work as an independent artist or do you prefer working with a label?

Jaraiyia Alize: I am content with being an independent artist for the moment, but open to explore.

SNT Mag: If anyone wants to stay in touch with you, what’s the best way?

Jaraiyia Alize: Any social media outlet search Jaraiyia Alize’

Jaraiyia Alize’