Lailien Impress Us With His New Album “ENSOULAR”

“ENSOULAR” is an enthralling collection that consolidates existential craftsmanship in the times of overall cultural surprise. The collection is a tribute to language, creative mind, and the self as variety. There are 26 tunes on this collection, one for each letter of the letters in order. The artist has planned the collection to be tuned in to all together or you can scramble the tracks to make another listening background, comparatively to how letters can be interminably modified to make words.

  Listeners can make different one of a kind listening encounters as indicated by their state of mind or time imperatives. Every melody has been cautiously curated to make a transformational listening background for his group of spectators.

About Lailien :

Lailien is a fictional character created by his alter-ego, Brad Shubat. Shubat describes himself as an “extra-dimensional sorcerer, body-suit of Brahman, rational empiricist, fool, gender fluid ghost through darkness, historical materialist, psychopomp and trickster.” The sound he has created borrows from many influences including pop, rock, and jazz. His work has been featured on Sirius XM The Verge’s ‘IndieCan Radio’ program and BBC RAdio’s Stuart Maconies’s ‘Freak Zone’. Find out more about new work from Lailien at