MADAM RIOTS Keep on Impressing With Their Music

Madam Riots is the new rock band that is basically from LA. This band has four members, a lead vocalist, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, and of course a drummer. All of them are awesome and very good musicians and when these four come together they produce such masterpieces that they would rock the whole world with their songs. They are not musicians, they are like the magicians that made you dance just like…

"MADAM RIOTS Keep on Impressing With Their Music"

Sweet Yamee Sneak by Walter Black

Sweet Yamee Sneak (remix) is my most recent remix of Sweet Sneak Pete. It starts with intro that hints at Witch Doctors around a campfire. The main body of the song is sultry, seductive, jazzy afro-beat passing through corridors of Electric Dance Music. This song will fun making a video. Walter Black is the recording artist. Last year his most popular songs were Alternative Rock. Two of the most popular songs were Gotta Get Something…

"Sweet Yamee Sneak by Walter Black"

Dance to the music with perfect hips and curvy booty!

As a music loving fraternity we love listening to music and dancing to the beats. And to dance well and to enjoy the rhythm you must have a fit body. Particularly if you are one of those who love disco parties or going to concerts, you definitely need to have a shapely body and fit enough to cope the crowd there. But sometimes due to eating too much junk food or due to pregnancy the…

"Dance to the music with perfect hips and curvy booty!"

Hasten Mercy – Head Fake’s Michael Baker

Hasten Mercy is the new solo project of Michael Baker, a Head Fake member. Released under Global Heist Recordings/Neurodisc Records, it consists of three songs, each of which is different and has unique lyrics. Nothing is more enjoyable at the beginning of the new year than good songs, and Michael Baker has done it amazingly. It features pop songs having the temptation to the old times. “Star You Are” is compelling, and its remarkable and…

"Hasten Mercy – Head Fake’s Michael Baker"


When you look around at all the different species on this incredible planet one begins to realize that there are quite a few creatures that are admirable and even fun to be around. However, ultimately, the choice for the Most Interesting Award will generally and most frequently go to human beings. And why not? They are the most interesting in too many ways to count. Most people would give them the award just for being…


Most Trendy Hairstyles for Boys in 2020-2021

It is really difficult to keep the hairstyle properly in the bad weather. Because taking care of hair skin with temperature is a very difficult thing. Even then, with some rules and regulations, it is possible to keep the hairstyle. If we do a little analysis of the trend of hairstyles for boys in 2020-2021, it can be seen that every boy has had some effect on his hair style due to Lockdown. So they…

"Most Trendy Hairstyles for Boys in 2020-2021"

Australian music producer GEM brings us her newest track

Australian music producer GEM brings us her newest track. A collaboration with legendary DJ/ Producer Luxxury. This duo has served up a playful, nu disco song worthy of a top electro playlist. GEM who usually resides in LA is in Australia for the summer, stepping outside of her previously chilled music to create this uptempo baddie that will be a New Years Eve hit

"Australian music producer GEM brings us her newest track"