‘ In My Feelings’ by The Rapper Breeze

We recently came across an exciting and entertainment EP ‘ In My Feelings’ by The Rapper Breeze. We would say ‘That’s an impressive work’. Even though Newark, NJ based artist The Rapper Breeze can’t be labelled as the one born with natural music talent but surely he was born with passion and love for music. And that’s what made him so much determined to learn and perfect his own style of beats and lyrics. Before…

"‘ In My Feelings’ by The Rapper Breeze"

An Exclusive Interview With Talented Urban Pop artist Saint Heart

Saint Heart is an Urban Pop artist based in Los Angeles with a powerful and melodic vocal style. She makes music with universal appeal that already has industry insiders buzzing. Heart moved to L.A. from her hometown of Austin, Texas to chase her childhood dream of being a recording artist and performer. Judging by the sound of her new song and video “Nobody,” she is well on her way to making that dream quite real.…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Urban Pop artist Saint Heart"

Welcome to the End By BRVDFXRD

Born and raised in Detroit, 21 year-old upcoming artist BRVDFXRD has been gringing releasing music online and perfecting his craft for the past 5 years leading up to his debut album. The project will be titled “Welcome to the End”, made in collaboration with producer GODBEV. The album is slated to be released before the end of the year. Sound cloud link: https://soundcloud.com/brvdfxrd/killswitch-tbmt Follow on Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/brvdfxrd/

"Welcome to the End By BRVDFXRD"

An Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Jeremy Hagan

My name is Jeremy Hagan but most people call me “Steel”. I gained custody of the name back in the early 2000’s. I use to rap with a group call B.O.B. before they changed the name to 3strikes. I became a solo artist back in 2010. I use to rap about things I didn’t own but now I’m telling my life story. My music so deep you can’t help but fall into a deep thought.…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Jeremy Hagan"

Interview With Recording and Multi-faceted entertainer artist J. Payne

Born in Columbia SC on Jan 12, 1990. J. Payne is the son of Angel Payne and Benjamin Wright III. His mother is African-Native American and his father is African American. J. Payne spent a lot of his childhood playing sports and singing in the church choir. He gained appreciation for music that would untimely influence his sound today. From being a standout athlete in football back in 2008 to asserting himself into the entertainment…

"Interview With Recording and Multi-faceted entertainer artist J. Payne"

A chat with Actress Ursula Maria!

Sntmag: Hello Ursula! You have been pretty busy lately, want to share a bit about your latest projects? Ursula: Sure! I’ve been working on a few things. One project is a show called “The Gatekeepers”. The show focuses on both the music as well as the film and television industry and shines a light on what is really going on behind the scenes. I am talking to producers, directors, music supervisors, editors, songwriters, and many…

"A chat with Actress Ursula Maria!"