An Exclusive Interview With Joseph Cannavo

Today we have  on our hot seat   Joseph Cannavo 🙂

What kind of genre of music do you like most?

I like pop music but I honestly listen to everything!

Do you write your own material?

Yeah I do. I’m almost done with my EP and these songs came straight from the heart and the lyrics have deeper meaning than the first two songs I put out.

Who do you take inspiration from, if anyone?

Justin Timberlake. He is one of my biggest inspirations. And MJ too of course.

Do you have a bigger fan base now than a year ago?

I have some more people who follow me and like my music but I don’t have many “fans” to be honest.. I don’t want to play pretend. I’m just releasing music for me and because I like it and if something comes out of it then I’ll be happy of course but I have no expectation!

Are you bisexual?

Yes. I like to date people based on connection/personality. College has opened my mind to a lot of things I would not have been open to before..

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