Atlanta based comedian from Miami, Fl, Success Jr, has been in the news for his timeless comedy videos

Atlanta based comedian from Miami, Fl, Success Jr, has been in the news for his timeless comedy videos in which he is sharing his experience as a Haitian-American. On his Instagram account, the Atlanta-based comedian constantly shares his videos showing the strict nature of his mother. Other than this, the theme of his comedy video revolves around his childhood experiences, family culture, and parenting.

Born with the full name, Success St Fleur Jr on December 3rd, 1987 in Miami, Success Jr has been raised by his strict mother in a strong religious Haitian-Caribbean household. The comedian used to perform in churches, weddings, school talent shows and he came to know about his passion for comedy at the age of 6. He considers the comedians namely George Lopez and the late Bernie Mac as his role models.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2007 but now he gives live performances and releases comedy videos online based on his upbringing in Haitian-Caribbean culture. In 2016, Success Jr started his online career. In the Haitian community he has become a notable comedian as he won 2017 & 2018 Best Comedian Awards. Although he became the top comedian of his market, he still spent several nights perfecting his craft performing American stand up at open mics. Some of the notable achievements of Success Jr includes headlining at Improvs across the nation and also the Laugh Factory in California. He was included as one of the main acts for an international Festival done in Haiti called LolFest. In 2019 he was listed in XXL Magazine as an ‘Artist To Look Out For’. His comedy is considered the bridge between the Haitian Diaspora and the Haitian natives living in Haiti. Success Jr has performed along side notable figures such as Hip Hop legend Wyclef Jean and Haiti’s former President Michel M Martelly who goes by his stage name is Sweet Micky.

Success Jr has been witnessing a hike in his popularity on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as his total number of followers has reached near the mark of 300k on the platforms. He can be found on each of them using the handle, @success_jr .

The comedian impresses everyone with his timeless and sensible comedy in animated visual style to make it relatable to his audience. Success Jr entered Atlanta in 2018 to boost his career in Film and Comedy and in 2019, he started his comedy tour Coming Through America at an international level. Through his tour, he witnessed huge growth and attracted over 10,000 people from over 12 cities.