Michael Hanson – Hallelujah Released Today!

Snt mag feature today  VIDEO DEBUT of Michael Hanson’s cover of the famous song “HALLELUJAH”. From the few who have heard Hanson’s version of the song, the word quickly spread with Hallelujah fans and Hanson / Glass Tiger fans alike, creating an overwhelming response that has been growing for the last two years. RLR heard the call, bringing aboard director Chan Khamphoomee who then put together an experienced creative team to quickly shoot Hanson’s beautifully…

"Michael Hanson – Hallelujah Released Today!"

Ox Osmel Fabre Performing HALLELUJAH By Leonard Cohen

Ox Osmel Fabre performing HALLELUJAH by Leonard Cohen. A more rocky version, but deeply intense, from the italian singer songwriter. Ox has just released this fourth album NAKED and actually promoting it online and looking for booking to bring his music across the Europe. Official site http://www.oxmusic.net – facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ox.songwriter.page/ HALLELUJAH

"Ox Osmel Fabre Performing HALLELUJAH By Leonard Cohen"