Melodious and Inspiring “Foreign”, The New EP by Duece

We recently got an opportunity to listen to the Duece’s new EP “Foreign”. New Jersey based artist Duece has been impressing music critics and his fans with his recent work and this release can proved to be a lucky charm for him. Released in October 2018, this EP got the potential to be a big hit for him.

Duece recorded all tracks on this EP in Europe, while working closely his executive producer DJ Juelz Flavour. While writing and recording this EP, Duece had the pleasure of meeting artists such as Aboogie with da hoodie, Petey Pablo, YBN Namir, and 6ix9ine who all gave insight on the direction of this EP.

The EP contains eight tracks with songs in total. We listened to each and every song before writing this review. All the tracks are professionally done. Couldn’t find any loophole in the performance (even though we tried our best to find one).

Each and every song has some inspiration. Just like “Racks to Riches” that detail his experiences while coming up in the music game. Vocals are doing the justice to the great writing skills as well. The singer definitely has a dynamic and inspiring voice and it has a strong vocal projection.

Even though all the songs are worth listening again and again but the ones we liked in particular are “Somebody” and the one we mentioned above “Racks to Riches”. We would suggest you to start the EP with “Racks to Riches” so that you can get to know the artist first. The song reveals his passion and love for music. Apart from that the other song “Somebody” got the inspiring lyrics and melodious music to impress the listeners.

Overall it’s a perfect combination of beautiful lyrics, melodious voice and professional music and production.

You can listen to the EP “Foreign” on Soundcloud


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